10 Retro '70s Home Decor Trends Still Rocking the 2024

Warm Color Palette

Picture rooms with cozy shades like mustard yellow, olive green, and burnt orange, creating a welcoming feel.

Bold Patterns

Imagine lively spaces with geometric shapes and vibrant, eye-catching prints on walls and furnishings.

Textured Fabrics

Imagine soft, fluffy rugs and curtains that add a comforting touch to your home. 

Vintage Elements

Think of classic furniture pieces like mid-century sofas and retro lamps that bring nostalgic charm.

Natural Materials

Picture wooden furniture, wicker baskets, and stone accents that bring nature indoors. 

Contemporary Accessories

Mix modern items with vintage finds like sleek vases or unique sculptures for a personal touch. 


Incorporate rattan chairs and light fixtures, giving rooms a relaxed, bohemian vibe. 

Classic Details

Incorporate timeless accents such as ornate mirrors, elegant chandeliers, and vintage clocks for a touch of 70s.

Playful Designs

Add whimsical decor like colorful art, funky prints, and unique sculptures for a fun, lively space.

Layered Textures

Think of cozy spaces with layered cushions, plush throws, and textured rugs, creating depth and comfort.