10 Tasks You Shouldn't Forget After Moving Into Your New House

Set up utilities

Arrange for electricity, water, and internet services to start working in your new home

Check for repairs

Look around for anything broken or not working properly. If not fix it yourself properly

Change the locks

Install new locks on doors for safety. This keeps your home secure.


Make sure things like the fridge, stove, and lights are working correctly.

Layout of rooms

Decide where your furniture will go in each room for a nice setup. 


Make sure there are no dangers for kids like sharp corners or accessible chemicals.

unpack Important items first

Start with things you really need and is important.

Decorate the house

Add your personal touch with colors, pictures, or curtains to make it cozy. 

meet the neighbours

Say hello and introduce yourself to the people living nearby.

Explore your surroundings

Take a walk or drive around to get familiar with the shops, parks, and streets nearby.