10 Things That You Should Avoid Throwing in the Sink

Food waste

Use sink strainers to catch food scraps, preventing clogs and foul odors. Regularly clean garbage disposal for maintenance


Paint and solvents clog pipes if poured down drains. Avoid putting any type of paint down drains


Hair doesn't break down, catches waste, and causes clogs in drains. Even small amounts can block pipes

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds clump and cause drain issues despite their small size. Avoid rinsing them down drains


Grease and oils stick to pipes, collecting waste and narrowing drains, eventually causing clogs


Eggshells mix with grease, forming clogs. Eggshell membrane collects debris. Liquid batter can solidify, causing blockages

facial tissues

Facial tissues don't break down easily and can clog drains. Dispose of them in the trash

MEdicine and drugs

Disposing pills down drains pollutes water systems, affecting groundwater, rivers, and oceans, potentially contaminating drinking water


Flour and water mix forms clots, sticking to pipes and narrowing them, causing clogged drains