10 Things To Know Before Designing A Modular Kitchen

The L Shaped Feature

An L-shaped kitchen follows the golden triangle rule, great for small spaces, optimizing storage and efficiency.

The Golden Triangle Rule

Arrange sink, stove, fridge in 4-9 feet gap for efficient kitchen; prioritize placement for easy use.

Low-maintenance Materials

Choose low-maintenance materials like wood, glass etc. for easy cleaning and access.

Select Materials

Pick durable, attractive materials for your kitchen design to ensure quality and visual appeal.

Smart Storage Options

Maximize space with smart storage like compartments for spices etc. Sectional drawers and pull-out pantries help.

Choose Countertop

Choose a suitable countertop material that matches your kitchen's style and lasts long for durability.

Choose Kitchen Appliances

Pick kitchen appliances that fit your needs and space well to make your cooking experience comfortable.

Color Combination

Think about colors to make your kitchen look good and all parts fit together nicely.

Under-cabinet Lighting

Add lights under cabinets for better visibility and to make your kitchen feel cozy and nice.

Maintenance & Usability

When designing your kitchen, think about maintenance, durability,