10 Tips to Keep Pigeons Away From Balcony 2024

Allow pets like cats or dogs access to the balcony to scare off pigeons with their presence and scent marks


 sprinkle pepper powder or use herbs like cinnamon to deter pigeons

Using scents and spices as deterrents

Stop pigeons with special wire to keep them off your property, so they can't sit, nest, or mess up!

Install wire mesh as a barrier

Scare pigeons away with shiny ribbon. It keeps them off roofs and decks, making things peaceful.

scare tape ribbon

Use zip ties to stop pigeons from perching on your property. It's a simple way to keep them away!

USE zip ties 

Stop pigeons landing with gel or spikes on roofs, ledges, and balconies. Keep your spaces pigeon-free easily!

Bird repellent gel and spikes

Scare pigeons with fake predators in places they roost. It helps them feel afraid and leave!

Scare THem 

Keep trash cans closed, clean spilled food, and don't feed pigeons to make your place less tempting.

Remove food sources

Get help from a falconer or use hawk pictures to scare pigeons away safely and effectively.

Professional assistance

The main reason why pigeons regularly visiting your balcony is because they have a nest there. So, analyse where the nest is and shift it to a safer place.