10 Ways to Transform Your House in Eclectic Style

Eclectic Wall Decor

Wall color and decorations change how a room feels. Think about them carefully when decorating

Avoid Over-Decorating

Keep your room tidy; don't put too many things in it. Make it look nice and balanced

Give New Styles A Chance

Try different styles and decorations. Let your room change slowly over time before making big changes

Choose One Go-To Color

Pick one color to connect all the different things in your room and make it look nice

Keep Balance and a Symmetry

Make sure things are the right size and balanced to make your room feel peaceful and nice

Accurate Your Decor

Choose decorations carefully and keep them organized to make your room look nice and balanced

Reuse and Repurpose Decor

Use old things in new ways to create a cool and mixed-up style in your room


Make your room cool with bold art. Even calm rooms can get fun with bright, unique pieces

Go With Neutrals

Start with simple colors to make it easier to add different and fun things later

Opt for a Bold Wallpaper

Think of walls like a canvas. Add cool wallpaper to make your room stand out. Match other colors