14 Tips to Design Your Kitchen Looks Beautiful and Sorted

Think about what you want in your kitchen

Imagine your ideal kitchen and Create your own whish list 

create a suitable budget

Determine your spending limit for the project

how you will use your space

Reflect on how you'll use the space for cooking, dining, and more

Measure and separate all the space accordingly

Ensure accurate measurements to plan layout and storage efficiently

Create perfect plan for your kitchen

Arrange key elements like sink, fridge, and stove for convenience.

Choose The furniture you like

Select cabinets that match your style and storage needs.

Balance all the measurements for cabinets

Maintain symmetry and scale with cabinetry and fixtures

Choose colors you like

Decide on colors that suit your taste and complement your home

Brings appliances you need

Consider the size and placement of appliances for functionality

keep sufficient space on platform

Ensure sufficient space for food preparation and cooking

Must set both cold and hot tap

Upgrade to convenient taps for instant hot water.

Give time and keep extra storage in kitchen

Organize storage to maximize efficiency and accessibility

 select appropriate Lightings

Create ambiance and functionality with well-planned lighting.

Choose flooring suitable to your kitchen

Select durable and stylish flooring options to complete your kitchen design.