Best Bedroom Layouts For Perfect Sleep

Finding the best bedroom layout for your space will guarantee a perfect night's sleep - here's how to set yours up.

The Bedroom You Can Relax In

If you live in a shared apartment, you might want a space that's totally your own to unwind in.

The Bedroom For The Multi-Tasker

This layout is perfect for multi-taskers who need a lot done in one space. Position a desk out of your line of sight - this will help keep work separate when it comes to bedtime.

The Bedroom For Smaller Spaces

Smaller spaces require less bedroom furniture to feel spacious and airy. Find pieces that create space, such as a bed frame with adjustable height and a mattress size that doesn't take over the full room.

The Bedroom For Good Energy

Curious about how to use Feng Shui to maximize positive energy in your room? This is the layout for you - be sure to keep your bed against a solid wall, as well as ensure there are nightstands on both sides of your bed.

Sleep On A Good Mattress

Investing in a high-quality mattress can significantly enhance your sleep quality, which in turn, can boost your overall health.

Soundproof the Room

To minimize external noise in your bedroom, seal gaps around windows with weather tape and use sound-absorbing materials like acoustic panels, upholstered wallpaper, or large bookcases.