Different Types of Pakoras You Can Try in Rainy Season

During the rainy season, explore a variety of pakoras! pakora for everyone's taste buds to enjoy during the monsoon.Pakoras are the most delicious dish of this season. Here are ten varieties to try.

Chicken Pakoras

Tender chicken pieces coated in a crispy batter, deep-fried until golden brown.

Onion Pakoras

Sliced onions mixed with gram flour batter, deep-fried until crunchy.

Fish Pakoras

Fresh fish dipped in spicy batter, fried to perfection.

Aloo Pakoras

Sliced potatoes dipped in chickpea flour batter, fried until crispy.

Egg Pakoras

Boiled eggs coated in seasoned batter, fried until crispy outside, soft inside

Spinach Pakoras

Fresh spinach leaves dipped in gram flour batter, fried until crisp and delicious

PRAWN Pakoras

Juicy prawns coated in a spicy batter, deep-fried until crispy outside and tender inside, perfect for snacking.

Paneer Pakoras

Soft paneer cubes coated in spiced chickpea flour batter, fried until golden brown

Crab Pakoras

Fresh crab meat mixed with spices, coated in batter, and fried until crispy.

Cheese Pakoras

Cheese slices dipped in flavorful batter, fried until golden and gooey inside.