Discover the Top 10 Bathroom Lighting Trends for 2024

Bar Light Above Vanity

A long, sleek light above the vanity helps brighten your face evenly for grooming. 

Mirror Covering Light

Lights installed around the mirror frame illuminate the face clearly for tasks. 

Pendant Lightings

Hanging lights give a stylish look and can be adjusted for perfect brightness. 

Geometric Patterns

Lights designed in shapes like squares or circles add modern flair to bathrooms. 

Hidden Lights

Lights tucked away create a soft glow, enhancing the ambiance without being obvious. 

Chandelier Lighting

Elegant hanging lights add relaxation and a touch of luxury to the bathroom. 

White Lights with Brass Handles

Clean white lights paired with brass fixtures create a classic, timeless look. 

Inside Vanity Lightings

Lights inside cabinets or drawers help find items easily in a well-lit vanity.

Dim Lightings

Soft, muted lights create a relaxing atmosphere for unwinding in the bath.

Mirror Side Lamps

Lamps placed beside the mirror add a warm, welcoming glow for grooming.