Tips to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for Every Room in Your Home


In the living room, opt for bold florals or rich amber-based fragrances. Avoid anything too subtle because you won't be able to smell it for too long


For a peaceful sleep, choose subtle white florals, tea notes, or herbal fragrances with lavender or chamomile.Avoid citruses or cloyingly sweet scents it will disturb your sleep

Children's Room

Create a calming atmosphere with soft scents like vanilla or lavender for relaxation and sleep. Avoid strong fragrances for kids' comfort


Use tomato, basil, citrus, or mint scents. Avoid reed diffusers in kitchens due to cooking smells. Keep kitchen air fresh


This is the place where you can use both strong and subtle fragrance. But go with herbal or fresh odour instead of going with too heavy.


This place is the introduction of your house so instead of going with strong blast odour go with florals and silent odour to impress your guest after entering your home

Home Office

Stay focused with citrus scents or grounded fragrances like amber or tobacco. Enhance productivity in an inspiring workspace with scent


Enjoy fresh scents like citrus, eucalyptus, or ocean breeze on your balcony. Bring nature's essence to your outdoor retreat

Guest Room

Welcome guests with inviting scents such as clean linen or soft florals, ensuring a pleasant stay. Make their visit memorable with a welcoming fragrance