Top 10 Famous Ngos in the World 2024

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) An NGO is a non-profit group separate from the government, focusing on humanitarian, social, or advocacy work for public good.

Save the Children

Founded in 1919, operates in 120 countries, focuses on healthcare, education, emergency aid, economic development, hunger, and policy advocacy.

Oxfam International

Established 1942, active in 90+ countries, focuses on water, gender justice, conflicts, humanitarian aid, and clean water.

Doctors Without Borders

Since 1971, works in 70+ countries, provides medical aid in conflict zones, disaster response, healthcare, addressing global health issues.


Founded 1972, present in 11 countries, focuses on social development, microfinance, disaster management, education, gender justice.

World Vision

Started 1950, active in 100+ countries, focuses on poverty alleviation, education, child protection, disaster relief, and empowerment

International Rescue Committee

Established 1983, operates in 40+ countries, provides refugee assistance, safety, health, education, and empowerment

Catholic Relief Services

Founded 1943, works in 100+ countries, focuses on emergency relief, long-term development, human rights, and livelihood restoration.

Danish Refugee Council

Established 1956, active in 40+ countries, provides humanitarian aid, refugee protection, and promotes refugee rights

CARE International

Founded 1945, operates in 100+ countries, focuses on gender equality, health, climate justice, food/water access, and education

Amnesty International

Since 1961, active in 150+ countries, engages in human rights advocacy, awareness campaigns,etc