Trucking Industry

The American Trucking Association (ATA) warned bridge collapse hurts economy. 4,900 trucks/day carry $28B goods yearly, face costly detours

ASR Group's Crisis

ASR Group, the largest sugar company in the US, had their operations hanging by a thread. Find out how they scrambled to keep their sugar stocks from melting away

Ford's Supply Route

Ford found itself in a race against time. Discover how the collapse forced them to reroute parts and sent their supply chain into chaos


General Motors faced a roadblock they never saw coming. Learn how they navigated the aftermath and rerouted their vehicle shipments to keep their wheels turning

CSX's Coal

CSX, a major rail company, hit a snag in their tracks. This collapse caused delays for coal shipments and left them scrambling for solutions

BMW IMports

BMW, known for its luxury cars, faced unexpected roadblocks. Collapse impacted short-term traffic delays and kept their imports rolling

Consol Energy

Consol Energy found itself in troubled waters. This impacted vessel access delays impacted their coal operations and forced them to rethink their strategies

Home depot

Home Depot proved they could weather any storm. This didn't impacted much they kept their doors open and operations running smoothly despite the bridge collapse


Volkswagen refused to let the collapse slow them down. They avoided port disruptions and kept their operations running like a well-oiled machine


Volvo faced the challenge head-on, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations despite the bridge collapse