As you may know, computer desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes; you can have an L shaped desk, a corner desk, a standing desk, a U-shaped desk — the list goes on and on. If you are looking for a new computer desk for your office, or your home, you might not know where to begin. Choosing a desk that suits you when there are so many options out there can be challenging. However, you can narrow down your search by considering your storage needs.

An ideal computer desk will have storage solutions that accommodate your needs and that are suitable for the kind of work you do or for your situation. Someone who handles a lot of paperwork will obviously require different storage solutions than someone who deals mostly with digital files.

The best storage options for you will also be determined by the space you have. A smaller office or workspace might require a small computer desk with compact storage solutions, whereas a larger work environment provides more flexibility.

These are some of the things you should consider when choosing your computer desk. Below, you will find a short list of different desk storage options and their benefits. Hopefully, by taking the time to go through these options, you will feel more prepared to choose the ideal computer desk for your office space, or for your home.

Vertical Storage with a Hutch

When it comes to small office spaces, fitting multiple desks side by side can represent a challenge, and that’s without considering any additional storage solutions that come with them. To maximize your square footage and truly make the most of all your space, try adding a vertical storage option such as a hutch.

If you think about it, the bare walls in your office or home are filled with potential. Your computer desk already takes up enough space on your floor, but your walls are free to fill up. Having a hutch also means that you can keep your items and supplies within easy reach on your workstation, and not in a storage closet at the other end of your office building or your house.

Hutches can come with a variety of practical features such as closed and open storage compartments, shelving, grommets, and rubber wire management strips. They are especially useful to store small office supplies and small amounts of paperwork. If this sounds like the kind of stuff that clutters your computer desk, then maybe a model with a hutch is perfect for you.

Low Storage with a Credenza

While hutches are useful to free up floor space, they also take up a large chunk of wall space. So, if you like to fill your walls with paintings or photographs, then maybe a low storage solution such as a credenza will suit you better.

Some L-shaped computer desks are composed of a credenza and a return table. These kinds of desks are remarkably practical because they provide a large work surface with built-in storage space. While you can choose to simply add a credenza to your office, choosing a computer desk with a built-in credenza means that you can keep your supplies and equipment nearby at all times.

With a variety of shelves, closed and open storage areas, utility drawers, and file drawers, credenzas can easily accommodate all of your office items. Since credenza tops are just as sturdy as desktops, you can work on them, add a monitor, or place your printer on top without any issue.

Paperwork Storage with a File Cabinet

Hutches and credenzas are great for storing office supplies, but what do you do if you deal with large amounts of paperwork? The best solution is a filing cabinet! Now, some computer desks come with pedestals that have a combination of utility and file drawers, and while this might suit some workers, people with heavy amounts of paperwork will need a more substantial storage solution.

Some computer desks come with file cabinets that are the same height as your desk. This means that, when you place them next to your desk, they simply look like a part of your workstation. These sturdy file cabinets should be more than capable of handling all of your paperwork.

If you work with sensitive documents filled with private and personal information, you should probably look for a file cabinet with lockable drawers. You should also try to keep your filing cabinet organized to avoid accidentally misplacing something of importance. If organizing your files seems like a hassle to you, try to make the process a fun game or activity to motivate you! And keep in mind that, in the long run, this will help you make the most of your file cabinet and help you save time when looking for documents.

Multifunctional Storage with a desk set

If you’re still really struggling to make a choice, don’t worry, there are a few other options! If you’re lucky enough to have a very large office, you could always choose a workstation with a combination of these great storage options! You need ample storage space to suit your needs? For a great mix of storage solutions, choose a desk set!

You can find a variety desk sets that offer plenty of storage options. By opting for a desk set, you can get a desk composed of a credenza and a hutch as well as other storage solutions like matching bookcases and file cabinets. This way, you can furnish your entire office all at once.

Desk sets also make great computer desks for your home. They offer you the opportunity to furnish a room easily, be it for your home office, a multipurpose room or your living room. Ample storage space can be as useful in your home as in your office because you also accumulate paperwork at home – receipts, bills, mail, insurance papers – and they need to be store away and organized too. The various storage solutions offered in a desk set can also serve as display space for your decorative items.

As you can see, each of these options provides a different set of benefits. Take your time to consider what kind of storage will be the best for for the job you have, or simply for your home. This should help narrow down your search for the perfect computer desk!