Technology is, of course, a double-edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us.” ~ Jason Silva

This quotation is quite appropriate in today’s environment. Today, technology has advanced to such a level that no one could have imagined. It has progressed to an extent where it can put us in heaven or hell simultaneously.

A good example of this is the smartphone. If used right, it can offer marvelous benefits. However, if it gets compromised by an online attack, you may lose everything.

These good and bad aspects are present in every piece of technology, even in smart home technology. Smart home technology may make everyday tasks easier, but it comes with its downsides too. If you are considering having a fully automated home, this article will help you explore some critical aspects.

What is Smart Home Technology?

If you aren’t aware, smart home technology enables you to control almost every device in your home wirelessly. Refrigerators, thermostats, lights, washing machines, electric switches: all of these can be controlled wirelessly. You just need a smartphone and an uninterrupted internet connection to do so.

What are the Benefits of Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology makes everyday tasks easier. It reduces the need for manual labor and prevents unwanted accidents. Here are some other pros of smart living:

  • Convenient: The best thing about high-tech equipment is that it provides immense convenience. For example, a Wi-Fi-enabled door lock uses a smartphone to unlock itself without any physical effort. Moreover, a smart TV can connect with your smartphone or tablet with just voice commands.
  • Customizable: Smart home technology is optional, and you can customize your home to include smart home technology on some appliances while omitting it from others. For example, when you buy an air conditioner, you can get it with additional smart features like a built-in sensor or Wi-Fi control, but you can always choose not to use the smart features.
  • Saves time: Smart homes make common tasks easier and save our time for other important things. A great example of this is an automated AC; you can turn it on from your phone when leaving your workplace, and by the time you get home, it will be cool, and you won’t need to wait in the heat until the AC starts working.
  • Increases home value: People today prefer to purchase fully-furnished houses, and many people also prefer houses with smart home technology. If you have smart devices and a fully connected home, it will have a higher price compared to other properties.

What are the various cons of Smart Home Technology?

Here are some drawbacks that smart home technology has!

  • Expensive: The very first thing that can stop a person from installing smart home devices is their price. They have a hefty price tag that may not fall in everyone’s budget.
  • Security issues: Security and privacy are huge concerns for people these days. As your smart home devices have a lot of critical data, they can be vulnerable to hacker attacks. As per stats, home cameras are the most targeted devices by hackers. And if cameras can be hacked, so can your Alexa device. To ensure that your devices are secure from cyber attacks, set safe and strong passwords for them.
  • Reliance on the internet: This one is an important but somehow ignored aspect of smart home technology. Your smart home system is functional only as long as it has network access. For instance, if your home internet goes down, all of your devices will stop functioning.
  • Maintenance issues: Unlike traditional devices, smart devices have entirely new and advanced hardware. If any of these devices need to be repaired, you may need professional help. A professional engineer can be tough to find if you are in a remote area. Therefore, you may face issues in maintenance.


A smart home is definitely not for everyone, and the cons may be too much of a deal-breaker for some people. But if you have a good budget, a proper internet connection, and aren’t deterred by the downsides of a smart home, it may be an excellent investment for you and will make your life much easier!