what kind of espresso machine does starbucks use

If you are a coffee enthusiast like us, you already know what a reputation Starbucks has for world-class coffee. Wouldn’t it be great to know what kind of espresso machine does Starbucks use to make their coffee so popular in the world? 

They have three main ingredients for the best cup of coffee; coffee machines, coffee beans, and well-trained barristers. However, this article has a sole focus on the first crucial component they use, that’s their coffee machines. So, stay with us to grasp everything about Starbucks coffeemakers.

What Kind Of Espresso Machine Does Starbucks Use?

Let’s be clear that not only the espresso machine Starbucks uses to make their coffee perfect but also which coffee beans they are using and the art of their barista’s hands play a vital role in it.

But today, we will answer to the question, what machine does Starbucks use? Here is the list of what type of espresso machine does Starbucks use to produce their most popular coffee blends:

The Mastrena High-Performance Espresso Machine

At most of the Starbucks branches, they vastly use the Mastrena High-Performance Espresso Machine. These coffee maker machines are manufactured by Thermoplan AG, which is a Swiss company situated in Weggis, Switzerland. 

The espresso machines at Starbucks has equipped with a computerized menu or built-in coffee grinder. It is also known as a bean-to-cup coffee maker. They have redesigned old Starbucks espresso machines into a slim, sleek tower that uses the bottom-fill method and these Starbucks cappuccino machines are fast and easy to make latte and cappuccino.

In terms of pricing, this Starbucks espresso machine cost is pretty high for the average home users. Also, the manufacturing company partners exclusively with Starbucks, which means it is not available for public use. 

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Chemex Coffee Maker:

The Chemex is totally different from the Mastrena espresso machine since it is a manual one. Peter Schlumbohm invented this one in 1947. This espresso machine is one of the used Starbucks espresso machines. 

Using this Starbucks brewing machine, you can enjoy a rich-bodied and flavorful cup of coffee. To operate this one, you are supposed to submerge the grounded coffee in hot water and filter at the end. It also produces the cleanest cups of coffee with complex flavors means, no particular dominance in taste. 

It is not also expensive but still mainly useful for shop owners and people who need to serve more than ten people at a time.

Clover Coffee Maker:

Starbucks acquired the Clover brewing system from the equipment company earlier in 2008 and had the exclusive rights of using Clover only for them.  It was a revolutionary step in the industry. But recently Starbucks discontinued this one.

It is considerably different from the espresso machine and has Innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology. That means it has exact control of the water temperature and time of brew, which makes the perfect cup of coffee. This specific brewing method let the barista to deliver the freshly brewed cups very quickly.

Well, if you wish to have one of these machines at your place! Then, sorry to disappoint you since you can’t have it at home. Starbucks has another option for you to enjoy a delicious sip of coffee at their shop.  

Verismo System Coffee Maker:

This particular coffee maker is very user friendly.  It has a very light weighted and classy design unlike, to above-discussed models.  This coffee machine uses high-pressure extraction to make espresso shots. Also, it has espresso pods that we can insert inside, and after fifteen seconds, our desired mouth-watering coffee will be ready. 

Another great news is that if you wish to buy an espresso machine similar to Starbucks’ phenomenal espresso coffee machine. In terms of pricing, this Starbucks coffee equipment is less expensive than the Clove or Mestrena machines affordable.

However, if you are a coffee person and want Starbucks coffee at home too, then we suggest you consider an espresso machine under 200. These are budget-friendly and easy to use at home.

Now you know what kind of espresso machine does Starbucks use, and let’s know about Thermoplan.

About The Manufacturer: Thermoplan

People who love Starbucks and regular customer of them, most probably they already know this name, and its brand value very well. But people who do not let me help you with little briefing-

Thermoplan is a Swiss-based automated coffee machine manufacturing company that develops and produces fully computerized coffee machines. Mostly, for professional use in restaurants and business purposes, they provide world-class products. 

Starbucks has been partnering with them to use their customized automated coffee machines since 1999.  Thermoplan creates fully built-in coffee machines that leave little scope for human errors.  

Previously this giant coffee manufacturer had partnered with Starbucks and McDonald’s, and recently, has entered into a partnership with IoT solutions provider qiio.

Final Words

Well, we have already got an idea of what kind of espresso machine does Starbucks use, and also Starbucks automatic espresso machine is exclusively customized.

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