Having a beautiful, luxurious and relaxing bathroom is everybody’s dream. A luxury bathroom evokes the image of a decadent, relaxing, and warm bubble bath with scented candles and a glass of champagne. Have you ever thought of having an elegant and sophisticated bathroom? Do you ever get jealous of luxury bathroom designs? It’s perfectly natural to get envious when eyeballing gorgeous bathroom finishes that seem out of reach. And if looking at just the bathroom makes you envious, you should definitely avoid looking at the cost of mansion homes! While owning a luxury bathroom (or a mansion!) might be impossible for most of us, we can still bring some elegance and comfort to our bathrooms. There are many ways to spruce up the bathroom with luxury styles on a budget. All we need is some guidance and inspiration. Check out these tips on what luxury bathroom design can teach us.

Create Enough Space

Create Enough Space
Your bathroom is more than just a space to bathe. It is a retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of life. And what can be more relaxing than a spacious bath. Luxury too is all about big spaces. You can easily see this in luxurious living rooms and bathrooms. But what happens if you don’t have vast space in your bathroom. In such cases, all you can do is create as much space as possible.

How to:

A lot of the bathroom components like the shower, toilet, bathtub, vanity, cabinetry, etc. are fixed. You cannot do anything about their placement. So instead, pay close attention to all the things you can move. The best way to create space in a bathroom is to try and keep all the furniture to one side. This means the chairs, lounges, ottomans, etc. should all be kept in one space if possible. Minimize the amount of furniture you keep in the bathroom. If you need maximum one ottoman or chair then avoid using any more than that.

Let Your Curtains Shine

Luxury bathrooms are often synonymous with glamour. High quality materials, stylish features and finishes define a high-end glamorous bathroom. However, it’s the accessories and furnishings that truly add glamour to any bathroom. These accoutrements can make even the simplest of bathrooms shine!

How to:

Stunning light fixtures, elegant mirrors, modern towel racks, stylish soap dispensers, paintings, candles, flowers, etc. all have an impact on the look of the bathroom. And if you have a window in the bathroom or if you use curtains for showers or baths, you can go to town with beautiful curtains. Rich fabrics like silk, velvet or comfortable ones like linen can add elegance and warmth to the decor. Faceted window chains or crystal-like beads can easily glam-up even the simplest of bathrooms and give it a classy look.

Go for Monochromatic colors

Blue Bathroom Decor Dark Blue Tile Bathroom 1429 Xtianlies
Minimalism is certainly the latest trend in home decor that brings elegance and sophistication to the design. Along with minimalist decor, it also promotes the use of light colors and monochrome color schemes. Modern mansions and luxury homes often have monochromatic color schemes like black and white that give the homes a posh appearance. Bring this monochrome color scheme in your bathroom to give it a truly sophisticated feel.

How to:

This one’s deceptively simple: Pick 1 color and go to town with different shades. Wondering why? Using a single color for all the decor can completely take over the design. When using a single color it is important to keep it from overwhelming the decor. To achieve this, select a color and use tones, shades and tints of the same color for decor. Usually, one of the shades is white as it pairs well with any color you chose. If you’re using monochromes, don’t do it halfway. Use the color scheme religiously throughout the bathroom. Also, don’t be afraid to hint at it in other rooms!

Other than glamour and opulence, a luxury bathroom is also defined by its elegance and the comfort it brings. While it’s not easy for everyone to create such opulent and comfortable spaces, luxury bathroom designs can make it possible for all of us! Luxury bathroom design isn’t just for the rich and famous. We can all have a bit of such bathroom opulence in our life on a budget using these tips.