Getting your home valued can be a daunting task. You will either be over the moon with a good valuation or depressed at a lower valuation below your expectations. Like anything for sale, the value depends on a number of factors. In this guide we will explain some of the factors that will affect your valuation, and make some recommendations as to how to get the best value for your home.

1 – Tidy up!

The saying “first impressions count” is just as applicable to a home as to humans. If your home is shabby, messy, and untidy, it will for certain make it worth less than your clean and tidy next-door neighbours identical home. For the sake of tidying up, and perhaps touching up some shabby areas, you could add thousands to the value of your home. Remember you are not only impressing the buyer but as well as the experts that will help you sell your house. If you are in Australia, make sure you get the professional property valuers in Melbourne to get the best selling price. Whether you are just looking to return your investment or to make a profit out of your property selling.

2 – Find a reputable estate agent

Valuing a house can be a very complex task. Many factors come together to produce a valuation. These will include items such as:

  • Construction materials
  • Condition of the home
  • Location
  • Size and type of home
  • Potential of the space

There are also some less obvious factors that require some additional research:

  • School catchment areas
  • Local crime rates
  • Land classifications and building restrictions
  • Restrictive covenants, leases, or maintenance charges

While some estate agents (particularly online sites) offer to provide an instant valuation, they will most likely not be considering these factors. They will simply be looking at what the neighbours similar sized home recently sold for. Reputable Estate Agents Cirencester will provide proper valuations that take all factors into consideration. Do not fall into the trap of believing a higher valuation out of hope.

3 – Touch up the outside of the home

Just as with a tidy interior, the outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers, and valuers will see. Keeping a tidy garden and exterior to the home will not only increase your homes value but will make it be the one a potential buyer chooses from the pictures. 

4 – Gather paperwork/designs

The more information the valuer has, the more accurate the valuation will be. If you have any documents relating to the construction of the home, land deeds, extension designs, or approved planning permission, these documents will all help the valuer come to the right price for your home.

5 – Deal with any problems

As well as cosmetic problems, the value of a house is seriously affected by less obvious issues. Damp is one of the most common issues that should be resolved before getting your home valued. Cracks due to subsistence are another common issue. Do not think you can simply cover these issues up. During the sales process, the buyer will undoubtedly employ an inspector to check the state of the property before buying. They will be trained to sniff out problems and issues.

Final thoughts

At first, the thought of having your home inspected is a little scary. But there really is nothing to worry about as long as you are honest. Valuers perform this job every day, so they have seen it all before. 

As with any guest to your home, you may want to tidy up and give the home a clean. This is particularly important if photos are also going to be taken for the property listing.