Did your touch on kitchen faucet stop working suddenly? Or you’re having water flow issues? Well, there can be many things that may cause such a thing.

Using the perfect touch on kitchen faucet is really convenient. You can turn on or turn off the water flow with just one touch. Besides, a touch kitchen faucet is helpful as there’s no chance of messing. Installing a touch kitchen faucet is pretty easy. You just have to connect and assemble the items in order.

We have an article published on how to install your touch kitchen faucet. let’s see what you can do if you suddenly feel like your touch kitchen faucet isn’t working.

LED indicator stopped working

The LED is an important part of the faucet. It helps you understand the temperature of the water and other things. It tells you that your faucet touch sensor is working or not. If you notice that your LED is not working or it stopped popping up, check that your LED is plugged in or not.

If it’s plugged in, check out the batteries, the batteries can cause this too! If you find the problem was batteries, you need to change them. If the problem still remains, you need to change the LED.

The faucet stopped working

If you notice that your faucet is not turning on totally, even the indicator is dead, you need to check the power source first. Most of the touch-activated faucets run with batteries. Some of them have an adapter to run too!

Check your batteries. Your faucet should run 1 year with double AA batteries and almost 2 years with C batteries. Make sure your batteries are new and most importantly they are placed according to order. If you have one battery placed in the opposite direction, it won’t work. Make sure your battery case is not touching anything or it’s attached to the wall.

If you have a faucet that runs with an electric adapter, check that. Make sure it’s passing current. After that, check the wires that are under the sink. Make sure that there’s no wire pinching.

Check out water sources. Sometimes the valves don’t pass water and it seems like the faucet itself is not working.

If these don’t solve your problem, you need to check some internal parts like the handle lever or the faucet spout. In this process, it’ll be ideal to get help from your manufacturer as almost every brand has the warranty feature.

If you find out that your kitchen faucet is having an issue with the touch feature, you can use your faucet without the touch feature just like another random standard faucet. In this case, you just need to remove the solenoid from your water outlet. When the solenoid is removed, just attach the sprayer hose to the water outlet.

If you want to disable the touch feature completely for any reason, there’s only one way. You need to detach the batteries while the faucet is running.


So, these are what you can do while your faucet is stopped working. If you find out that these are not working, we recommend that you get help from a professional or a serviceman from the manufacturer.

Feel free to leave out your questions or suggestions. Visit our website for more articles. If you feel that you should replace kitchen faucet you can choose another touch activate kitchen faucet.