As the weather is hot and humid all-year-round in Singapore, it is needless to say how much people are dependent on air conditioners. Overworked air conditioners stop working due to a lack of servicing or damaged parts.

If your home or office air unit has stopped functioning and you are looking to fix the problem as quickly as possible, finding the best Aircon service provider is essential. There are various air conditioner servicing and repairing companies in Singapore, but how to find the best among the lot?

This article has presented a list of things to look for in an AC service company. This will help you find the right company when your AC breaks down or for regular servicing.


Your first consideration should be the experience of a company. Along with years of services, the clients it has served also play a vital role in determining whether a company is trustworthy or not. Trust a company that has served hundreds of residential and local companies, blue-chip MNCs and also government offices.
Being experienced and reputed, it will provide quick service in order to keep up to its reputation. The experienced companies also have advanced technologies and experts to take care of your cooling systems, irrespective of the brand.


It is important that you choose a firm that has valid licenses and essential accreditations to perform the service. The licenses are put in place by the government. A licensed firm also ensures that they have trained technicians to service or repair any aircon brands. They know how to safely install and repair air conditioning that keeps emissions and accidents to a minimum.

No middleman

Some companies in Singapore claim to be ac service providers, especially those operating online. But, they just outsource their services to real ac servicing companies and charge higher prices from clients to get their cut as a commission. Make sure you are contacting an actual aircon service provider and not any middleman.

Service offerings

Choose a company that doesn’t just restrict to general servicing, but also offers other services like a chemical wash, chemical overhaul, aircon repair, gas top-up, etc. General servicing comprises cleaning the air filter, meticulous flushing and brushing of fan blower, removing algae or disinfectant if any in the water tray, inspecting the aircon cover and fan.
Service offerings
Chemical wash is performed to prevent complex problems like water leakage and blocked drainage. Chemical overhaul involves dismantling and cleaning every part with chemicals. Gas top-up is to refill your air conditioners’ refrigerant instantly.


Budget is important, but you should never fall prey to choose the less experienced company because it is offering cheap prices. For general one-time servicing, you can expect service fees starting from $19 for six to ten fan coils. The more the fan coils the lower are the prices.

Check customer testimonials

Today, customer review is given a lot of importance. You can either check the company’s website for customer testimonials or ask your references for reviews. Many customers also crosscheck by contacting the companies the aircon service provider claims to have worked with.