Sometimes, it can be hard to choose between rubber tracks and wheels for your skid steer considering that each one offers unique features and performances.

Remember that choosing the best system usually depends on various factors, such as ground pressure, traction, steering, and suspension. So if you want to have better traction, then rubber tracks are your best option. This article explains what you need to know about rubber tracks for skid steers.

Rubber tracks are suitable for bulldozing and dig work

No doubt, skid steers with rubber tracks can handle bulldozing and dig work efficiently. You see, rubber tracks have great traction, so they can push muddy soil or piles of soft soil effectively.

Because they have more contact area with the ground, you can expect your skid steer to have better stability. Stability is important if you are using a grapple bucket for skid steers because picking up and moving debris can make the skid steer unstable. Even better, skid steers with rubber tracks take less time to complete the job, saving you lots of money. You can try these rubber tracks for skid steers and see if they meet your needs.

There is a minimal mess with skid steer rubber tracks

Skid steers with rubber tracks are known to leave a minimal mess. Think about this, skid steers with wheels usually leave ruts as they move across a job site. You can repair the ruts that they leave behind, but it requires more time and effort.

As a result, your crew will need to do some repairs and cleanup, which can take them longer. This affects their working efficiency and may delay your project. On the other hand, skid steers with rubber tracks move like they are floating on top of the ground, meaning they don’t sink or cause any impact.

Skid steers with rubber tracks need proper maintenance

To get the most out of your skid steer with rubber tracks, you need to do proper maintenance. This means that you should have the time to check the track tension and clean the undercarriage. After all, these skid steers usually get dirty because they work in areas that are not clean or developed.

Although the undercarriage may not be more accessible for a skid steer with rubber tracks, you should still try to clean it. The importance of thorough maintenance cannot be emphasized enough. This is the only way you can make sure that a skid steer’s life is prolonged.

Hence, if your equipment operators can’t do proper maintenance required for skid steers, then consider hiring a maintenance service provider to do it on your behalf. However, if you rent the skid steer, perhaps the rental company will do much of the maintenance for you.

As you can see, skid steers with rubber tracks are the preferred choice for many people. This is because they can work in a variety of conditions, making them pretty productive.

Whether you desire to have less ground pressure and better traction, skid steers with rubber tracks are a great option. As explained earlier, you should always make sure that you do proper maintenance so that they can last long.