Check by Children

If you have small children – believe me, it is better to refrain from buying transformable furniture. To inquisitive kids, such a thing seems very attractive, and for them there is a risk of injury.

Wait until your little fidgets grow up – do not buy transformers in the room to a preschooler. For couples without children, of course, it is easier: they can safely afford a sofa-wardrobe, a three-story table, and an airplane carpet. But the children in the house are a high level of responsibility, and each decision must be justified and calculated.

Leave transformers to adults

I agree – it is tempting to install such a sofa in the children’s room. But here, why I did not advise doing this. Firstly, for ergonomic reasons, it is definitely more correct for a child with his growing spine to sleep on an orthopedic mattress, and not just on a piece of thick foam.

Secondly, the child will not be able to assemble such a sofa without your help. As a result, you will be hostage to assembling the bed in the children’s room daily. Most likely, you will get tired after a couple of weeks, and the bed will predictably be disassembled. You can read here for more information about the tips you should consider while you choose the children’s bed.

Do you have a pet? Get ready

Cats and dogs often find themselves in a secluded place under a bed or sofa – they like to sleep quietly there. And at that moment you also decided to go to bed and spread the sofa bed … slowly, slowly, so as not to pass the legs of the frame along with the paw. Assemble the structure carefully too – the animal, again, maybe under the sofa bed.

The most traumatic for animals are sofas that are laid out perpendicular to the wall – according to the principles of “dolphin”, and clamshell variations.

But the “books” and that is transformed along the wall due to a slight change in the geometry of the seat ( without moving the legs), on the contrary, are completely non-traumatic for animals. By the way, it will be easier for a teenager to decompose such models independently.

You can read this article that will help you in choosing furniture that is the most pet-friendly.

What to take into account

However, we still can’t get away from furniture transformers, since the area of ​​the apartments is small, and we have to use multifunctional objects often. For example, a sofa that converts into a bed is in every second house. Therefore, I will give some tips on how to make transformable furniture safer.

  • Minimize contact of transformers with children, do not leave them alone in a room with such mechanisms.
  • Transform the furniture yourself, do not let small children do it.
  • Check the fastenings regularly and watch for the opening mechanism, as it may become loose during frequent use.
  • Watch out for pets and prevent them from entering the structure (especially cats).
  • Buy only high-quality furniture with durable fixtures, if you have a wardrobe bed, then securely fix it to the wall. In general, carefully read the instructions and technical specifications of the product.

With proper use, transforming furniture can bring a lot of new things to our lives and save a lot of space, but you need to purchase with all responsibility. You can find some good-quality models here.