Each roof will last for a different time depending on the material it is made of, the weather, and even structural integrity. Though it may seem like the easiest thing to repair your old roof, you should find out what kind of damage is causing water to leak into your home before making this decision. There are some cases where repairing your old roof isn’t worth it, and you should prepare for a new one. Here are some of the signs that your roof needs replacement.

Your Roof Has an Uneven Shingle Appearance

If your roof is like this, it means that the shingles are starting to separate from your roof. When this happens, not only does it increase the risk of slips and falls, it can cause moisture to seep into your home. You should contact a roofer for an inspection to check out the problem to get a better idea of how much the roof repair will cost and if there will be any other reason you should replace your roof.

Your Roof is Compromised by Heavy Rain or Ice

If your roof has been compromised by heavy rain or ice, you should have it replaced because water damage is the most expensive kind of damage there is. If you try to repair a roof that has been damaged by heavy rain or ice, there will be a chance that you will end up with more leaks and more damage than before, which means the problem will never really be solved.

Your Roof is Compromised by Fire Damage

If your roof has been compromised by fire, you must have it replaced because the flames have burned through whatever material was in your roof. This can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and cause water damage to seep into your home. If you try to repair your roof after this, there will be a chance that you will have more damage than if you had just replaced the roof from the start.

Your Roof is Compromised by Structural Damage

If your roof is compromised by structural damage, you cannot merely repair it because there are other problems within the structure of your home itself that are causing a problem with the integrity of your roof. This can be caused by termites, pests, rot, and even natural disasters like tornados. You should get some help from a contractor to determine if you need to have your entire home fixed.

Your Roof is Old

If your roof is old, has been maintained poorly, or is in bad condition, you should replace it. The longer you wait to replace your roof, the more chances you are given that water could seep into your home or that there could be other problems with your roof that will cost you more money and cause more damage than if you had just replaced it when the problem first started.

Minerals compromise your roof

If minerals compromise your roof, you should not attempt to repair them because the damage can be too much for a homeowner to tackle alone. You may end up doing more harm than good if you try to fix them yourself, which will lead to other problems within the structure of your home. It would be best to have everything inspected and repaired to get things back up and running as normal.

When to Repair It

The amount of damage a roof can have varies depending on the materials that make up the roofing itself. If you need roof repair, it is best to determine if your roof is damaged or other problems causing problems within your home. If your roof is just damaged, there are ways to repair it without fully replacing it. Here are some signs that you should repair your roof rather than replace it.

Your Roof is Not Old

Some materials will last a long time, but some materials won’t last very long at all. If your roof is not old and you aren’t dealing with damages, you can probably repair it without replacing it. You may want to look into other options if you are unsure about how to avoid messing around with repairs and replacements later on.

Your Roof Is in the Right Condition

If your roof is in the right condition, you should repair rather than replace it. It will cost less money and won’t require you to put a lot of money down on repair materials to get started. This can lower the overall price of your repairs and give you more time to prepare for other repairs that will be necessary later on.

Your roof has holes only

If you have any holes in your roof, you should have them fixed rather than replaced. It is much cheaper to fix a hole in your roof than replace it because there are very few different kinds of materials used in the repair. This allows you to get more repairs done with a lot less money down. It is also good to note that it is best to repair holes to prevent water from coming through them.

Your Roof Has a Small Crack

If your roof has a small crack, you should have it repaired instead of replaced. While it is possible that the crack could become much more extensive, it is not always the case. It would be best if you talked with a roofer before getting a new roof to understand how severe the problem will be. Fixing the crack is much cheaper than replacing your entire roof.


There are many different reasons to repair your roof before you replace it. You may need to check how much damage your roof has so that you can decide what to do next. You shouldn’t repair your roof because certain situations are beyond repair. If it is not possible to repair your roof, then it will be best to replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage and potential leaks. Some signs indicate that you should get rid of your old roof instead of fixing it. Southern Roofing in Marietta can help you with your roofing replacement and give you other ideas to best deal with the situation.