Mold growth is never a slight addition to any house. Apart from ruining the appearance, it causes damage to the structure of your home and poses health hazards as well. Especially if you live in a humid area receiving ample precipitation and rainfall, it’s all the more a reason to be on the lookout for mold. If you aren’t sure whether your house has mold or not, here are a few signs indicating that you need to book a professional treatment and mold sample testing to check whether any mold is left behind post the treatment. Consider this situation as the final warning to hire professionals for mold removal.

Stale, mildew odor

Do you pick up a persistent strange musty odor in your space? Chances are your area is suffering from mold. Some actively colonizing fungal molds tend to release a specific odor. Dead/ dormant spores do not tend to release any such smell, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous for health. Even if the mold is not visible yet, remediation and proper measures for controlling the growth are required.


Another significant indication of mold growth is that it tends to change the surface color of any organic/ inorganic/ inanimate object. Thus, whether the surface is of a food item or drywall, different mold species will reveal different colors (black, white, purple, brown, red, gray, and other pastel hues) while colonizing over the surface.

Water damage

If your house is prone to frequent water intrusion, leaks, or waterlogging, it’s all set to welcome mold growth. So, you must remember that moisture and mold tend to go hand-in-hand.


It hardly needs any further explanation. You spot a mold across the walls and corners of your space, get it remediated, and call a mold sample testing service provider to check the treatment quality. But, unfortunately, spotting a mold is amongst the most severe stages of mold growth. Once it’s visible, the spread is almost unstoppable.  


Relative humidity of 60% and more provides an ideal environment for mold growth. Indoor humidity levels can increase due to many factors, including using combustion appliances, moisture-generating appliances, steam radiators, and humidifiers.

If you are suffering from any of these signs, contact a mold investigator for mold sample testing to take quick action over its control and treat it properly to ensure that it’s gone completely.

Are you having trouble finding a reliable fire mold removal company in your area? you can look for a professional online. You need to do a little research to find the best service provider available to you. Mold removal is something that you need to take care of very seriously as it could put your health at risk. So, you need to hire the most experienced and skilled mol removal services and hand over them the job instantly. Make sure to take interviews and compare the services of different professionals before hiring the best one.