Some people who purchase a mattress typically find at least one issue with their mattress whether it’s after a couple days or months. When you are making such a significant purchase you want the best mattress that will last long. I will address some of the most common complaints and provide the best solution by recommending the right mattress.

If you have to move your mattress into your house yourself a common concern is that the mattress will be way too heavy to move around. Mattresses that weigh a ton are inconvenient for when you move the mattress in your room or even if you are moving to a new home. Bed in a box is a memory foam mattress that weighs less than a typical mattress, it can be conveniently moved at any moment. You no longer have to worry about straining yourself when you have to flip your mattress.
Box Mattresses
Even with multiple layers, it is still lightweight and comfortable. Another common complaint is that when a child or pet causes a stain on the mattress you are unable to easily clean the surface. Having gross stains on a mattress that is supposed to last for several years can be very annoying. However, the best thing about a bed in a box is that it provides a removable and machine washable cover to provide the best care for your mattress.

This feature helps keep your mattress fresh, clean, and looking brand new for longer periods. I bet you are taking a sigh of relief knowing that being a pet owner and/or parent will no longer cause your mattress to be filled with stains and odors. In addition, another complaint when purchasing a mattress could be that it is not the best quality, I’ve heard people say that they purchased a mattress that was tearing and falling apart. When making a purchase everyone deserves the best-rated mattress, the bed in a box mattress design offers CertiPUR-Us which is certified memory foam.

The Perfect sense mattress also meets OEKO-Tex standard 100 & BSCI factory. I know you’re probably wondering what all that means, to keep it simple Oeko-Tex is the label that verifies that a product is safe from harmful substances during production stages to ensure top quality mattresses. This is a worldwide quality check and is important for consumers to offer the best-certified products. Lastly, a huge complaint is that a mattress doesn’t provide the proper amount of support.
Often after a while the mattress can begin to dip lower and not provide the same initial support. Triple density memory foam mattresses offer a 6” bottom layer to add extra support and help to reinforce lasting support for your mattress. The design also has a 10” thickness support foam to keep your mattress from creating dips which leads to a less supportive feeling mattress.

Knowing that you may have some of these complaints or concerns before you purchase a new mattress, it must feel great to know that you can find the right mattress that meets all of your needs. You should be 100% satisfied when you purchase a mattress and have all the solutions to your common issues solved.