When working in a competitive industry companies need to collect the best employees, with the best skills and loyalty to ensure the success of their business. Employers should conduct thorough background checks and ensure the employees that they hire are trustworthy and reliable. Contractors that work under the company or those who are outsourced contractors should provide a police check to the company, because of the nature of the job, different contractors are dispatched to work with a large variety of clients and so the company must ensure their customer’s safety.

The two most important assets to a company are its employees and its customers. Without a functional team of dedicated and loyal employees, it is difficult for a company to operate successfully. In the same way, customer feedback and loyalty are factors that can help businesses flourish or deteriorate.

Why companies should conduct checks

Employees working on behalf of the business act as representatives of what the company stands for and the type of quality they want to deliver. To certify the safety of its clients and to maintain a reputable name for themselves, companies should actively ask the authorities and police for help to aid them in making sure all of their employees are properly vetted with no past criminal history.

Vast Client Base

Laws are set in place that clearly state that workers who will be interacting with sensitive populations, such as the elderly and disabled, should have their background checks conducted meticulously. For example, employees working or contracting in aged care homes require an aged care police check. Contractors that have not been viably checked can pose as a threat to these clients as well as the other employees in the company.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

Services like Australian National Character Check make obtaining a police clearance certificate accessible to everyone. These certificates state an individual’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges after cross-checking from Australian police agencies databases.

Criminal History Checks are an important part of the hiring process in order to ensure that complete background information of prospective employees is on file. Manage the authenticity and quality of your company’s services when recruiting new staff. Maintain a consistency to ask for police check certificates and conduct background checks on all of your existing and future employees be that bonafide or contingent workers.


Failure to accurately screen your employees can put your client base and your entire workforce at risk. An entire company can face substantial losses if the employee they hired was believed to be a dedicated and trustworthy ally then breaks the law and commits theft. Employee welfare, relationships, and interaction with one another can also be affected because of poor screening if a volatile employee enters the workplace resulting in violence and property damage.

Contractors and employees need to be researched to ensure all the information they provide is not fraudulent and misleading. If a contractor’s license is fake and they are put in charge of repairs, refurbishing and rebuilding they can tarnish the image of the company for providing subpar services and also put the clients they have worked for in grave danger. This can further drive clients to blame the company and pursue litigation.