It does not matter how advanced we become; there are still some important items which the new and coming generation should have from our past. Whether it’s a healthy diet or going office by feet instead of using transport, we must introduce some of the old ways of living including the old style of furniture. When I say the old style of furniture, I do not just mean the luxury wooden furniture but the furniture which comes with the extra features like heating.

The heated furniture is here for hundreds of years. In the past when there were limited options available to get warm in the winter, the people of old days start inventing new ways to get warm in the cold nights of winter. Among them, the heated furniture was revolutionary and even being used in the current age by limited people.

Thanks to kotatsu or heated table which is being still used by many and it is available to purchase worldwide, whether you are living in America, Canada, India or EU countries etc. What is kotatsu and how does this heated furniture can be used to keep you warm in the winter? We will discuss here:

Heated furniture does exist:

Heated furniture does exist
Yes, you read it right. Many cultures do have heated furniture in the past including Japanese. They are even considered first to invent heated furniture and it was all started as an accident when the people of Japan has invented the heated table which is called kotatsu. This table is being used in Japan to keep the body warm in the season of winter. Japanese prefer it instead of the central heating idea because it is cost effect, style and more comfortable.

Chinese also invented the Kang bed stove but it did not get much popularity like the Japanese heated furniture. Today the kotatsu is being used by the people in many countries but the famous Chinese Kang bed stove is still limited to China.

What is the kotatsu table?

What is the kotatsu table
Kotatsu is the name of heated furniture which has been invented by the people of Japan. It is a wooden table frame which is relatively lower as compared to the standard table size. It is covered by the futon. One can also use a heavy blanket instead of a futon. There is a source of heat underneath. Typically this source of heating is an electric heater but in part, there has been a charcoal brazier was used.

Benefits of kotatsu heated furniture:

Benefits of kotatsu heated furniture
The heated furniture like kotatsu has so many benefits due to which we should bring this trend back to our life. Here are some of the top benefits of kotatsu and heated furniture:

  • Less electricity and heating bill
  • Full control over the heating
  • You can sleep under the table
  • Pets like cats and dog love the kotatsu
  • The heated furniture is best for back pain relief
  • The table is stylish and it can fit in any room.

The heated furniture is ideal to save money and keep your body heated. It is also great in term of environmental safety. We should start using this furniture once again.