Simply put, a glass balustrade is a clear balustrading material offering a security barrier. Sometimes, people use it for fencing. The glass balustrades are entirely framed, completely frameless as well as semi-frameless. They are also composed of various glass types, such as:

  • Safety glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Structural glass

It is also made of glass that comes in curved, textured, solid and opaque designs

Opting in for glass balustrades for your home

The glass balustrades are highly versatile and can enhance your home decor. You can use it anywhere in your new home where you might want to resort to a railing system and traditional balustrade. You have the option of resorting to a glass balustrade in the following places:

1. Staircase


Here a glass balustrade would look stunning and can provide it with a floating impression. The railings can be installed right atop the balustrade for extra security. Furthermore, you can also make use of the balustrades right on the exterior and interior staircase.

2. Pool fencing

It is yet another area when you can resort to the use of balustrades. It offers a secure barrier that complies with every critical legislation. Hence, you don’t need to be concerned about your child getting inside the pool. It also means you have access to the complete beauty of the pool space as well as the crystal-clear water from your garden space or home.

3. Balconies


Here the glass balustrades will provide a stunning barrier in and around the gallery, regardless of its size. The main beauty of making use of the glass balustrades in and around your balcony is that your views are highly uninterrupted, which makes the balcony feeling more open and more prominent. You can browse through Avant-Garde Glass Balustrades to know more on the glass balustrades.

Reasons to opt-in for glass balustrades

People choose the glass balustrades for several reasons. The main reason is that it is transparent. It means post installation; you will not lose the view in any way. Most people want to see their surroundings and the nearby areas, regardless of their garden, the pool area or the entertainment zone. It also includes the views of the beach, mountains as well as forests.

That is not all. Balustrades have versatile designs and are available in multiple frames, fix choices. You can also choose from the various textures and colours. You can make use of the glass balustrades in both the traditional or contemporary style.

The glass balustrades are very attractive and also secure. It is because the balustrades are made of thick, tempered safety glass and are tough to break. Even though sometimes it breaks, you will never find the balustrades to break into sharp shards. Its durability and security make the balustrades an apt choice in a place where you might have more children than adults.

Last but not least, the glass balustrades are durable and are also easy to maintain. The fittings that hold glass panels are made out of materials that don’t corrode, for instance, powder-coated aluminium and marine grade stainless steel. All you have to do is keep the balustrade clean using a very mild detergent.