Home decor is one of the most competitive areas to attract new customers. Even though you are far ahead of your competitors in terms of talent, you need a completely different set of skills to get your business focused online. Content marketing, nowadays, is evolving as one of the best ways to get your prospects online.

It is important to understand that marketing a business can be difficult, especially in the highly competitive home decor industry. There is a lot you can do to attract your customers and stay ahead of the competition. The point is to prove that you know home decor better than anyone else. If you do this, you can get the sales and the attention you deserve by proving that you know the industry.


Generates more leads

Content marketing generally produces three times more leads than traditional marketing, and companies that use content marketing also get six times more conversions than companies that do not. There are many small content marketing tactics that you can use to make your home decor business a success.

Attract more customers

In the world of content marketing, you can share your work, ideas, and knowledge with your target audience in your business. Thanks to all this sharing, you attract customers who need your service and even some who did not know! By telling the story and goals of your business, you will be a valuable resource for your customers – what every business should aim for.

Show your knowledge of what is important.

Many of your potential customers may think of decor as just a few shades to choose from, but that may not be far from the truth. Home decor is an industry that requires knowledge of mathematics, measurement, and, more importantly, law and code.

Your job is to prove that you know what the customer does not know, such as how much weight it takes before the bearing wall collapses. Not only this, it is imperative to know the electrical and plumbing wiring. These are not facts that your clients know, and as a home designer, make sure they work with someone who knows more than what colors make them look bigger. Therefore, effective content marketing can help you in showing your experience and knowledge in the field.

Show your portfolio

In an industry where almost everything is aesthetically based, as a home designer, it is important to have a comprehensive portfolio that can be displayed on your site. Once a client sees your great work, it is much easier to choose to work with you.

Having a portfolio of all jobs allows potential clients to show off their unique style that sets them apart from the competition. This ensures that you attract clients who want to work with their own signature style.

Target market advertising

Content marketing facilitates advertising to the target market. By advertising to your target market, you can identify specific demographics on which your work is central. It will be much easier for you because you are already marketing to the people targeted by your business.

Give your business a specific personality.

Not only does someone trust you while redesigning your home, but your clients must first and foremost trust you in order to take you home. Content marketing makes sure to connect with your clients to make design decisions and prove your credibility with them. Your promotion on your site is just as important as the marketing of your service. Offering personal meetings with potential clients shows that you will be happy to know them and all their needs. You can also post a video with behind-the-scenes content to show your personality and how you work on your project at the client’s home.


Below are some of the marketing tactics you can use to create the ideal content marketing strategy for your business.

  • Infographics to inform potential customers
  • Useful articles written about your business / interior design
  • Behind the scenes video of your business
  • Blogs from some employees
  • Existence on social networks
  • The customer’s voice


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