Home renovations can be incredibly rewarding, but they can also be quite overwhelming. There is so much to do when it comes to making household changes that people need to know where to start and what to prioritize. Among the most important things to be taken care of, homeowners need to work on pest control during the renovation process. Many people only think of pest control in their homes after a pest issue arises rather than preventing it in the first place. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should include pest control in your renovation process rather than wait for a problem to arise. 

Eliminating Chances of Pest Entry

Pests are a real environmental issue that many households suffer from without realizing it until it is too late. If you are working on certain renovations in your home, then it might be worth considering pest control measures to ensure that your newly upgraded home stays pest-free and terminates pest infestations from an early stage. . By implementing pest control measures during the renovation process, you would reduce the chances of pest entry in a variety of different ways. Doing construction work in your home makes it easier for these harmful creatures to enter your house through some of the following ways:

Open Entryways

When your home is undergoing structural renewals, a lot of the house’s entryways will likely be open for long periods. These would make it easier for pests to make their way into your house, especially if it is located in a Northern area like Bolton, and cause severe damages. As mentioned by the professionals at Pest Control Bolton, the small entryways will not always be as obvious as open doors and windows as some people may presume. They can be anything from small cracks in the walls to narrow holes and gaps that rodents can easily squeeze through while construction is underway. Prevention is always much easier than cure, so if you notice any cracks in your home, it’s best to get that fixed sooner rather than later.

Traffic Changes

Renovation work means having contractors going in and out of your home all day long to carry on work and implement design changes in different rooms. While contractors might be working in one specific room in the house and leaving others free from any traffic, pests can find their way into the other empty rooms and start nesting without anyone noticing. Rodents usually target construction sites as work is usually concentrated in one area, leaving other areas on the same site traffic-free and easy to survive in. 


The construction work was done during any renovation process often leads to excessive waste from building materials piling up. Pests find it ideal to nest and hide behind such waste and debris where they can easily make their way into your home during the process. Any edible waste that can be found in such piles makes it a perfect home for rodents and other pests to shelter and infest your house while you are busy renewing your designs indoors. 

Implementing Pest Control

Making sure pests and rodents are far away from your cozy home is essential for your health as well as that of your loved ones’. As any renovation process, you carry on for your home makes the house an easy target for these harmful creatures. Homeowners need to familiarize themselves with effective ways to eliminate pest existence on their property. Here are some of these ways and how to implement them:

Seal Openings

Paying attention to the small details while doing the renovations can help you notice any small or unsealed openings that pests can use to make their way into your home. Make sure you keep any openings, no matter how small, sealed, so that you do not end up finding any rodents or small harmful creatures indoors after putting all that effort into sprucing up your home.  

Avoid Moisture

While working on renovating your house, certain areas would likely get damp and moist because of all the work being done there. These moist areas are a safe haven for certain pests like termites and mosquitoes that thrive in such conditions. In order to avoid having to deal with all the health concerns and safety issues that come with such pests, make sure you avoid moisture and allow fresh air to circulate inside any room you are working on renewing so that insects do not find their way in there. 

Prioritize Cleanliness

Pests find their paradise in unclean spaces. That is why the piling of waste while working on renovations makes it super easy for termites and rodents to find shelter and comfort in your household. In order to avoid the issues that come with such creatures, make sure you prioritize cleanliness every step of the way while getting any construction work done indoors or outdoors. 

Choose The Right Plants

For many people, renovating is not just done indoors. They may also be doing some changes in the landscape and sprucing up their garden designs with new plants and creative greenery. The choice of certain plants can attract pests while other plants might help repel them. That is why homeowners need to do some prior research to see which plants would be most suitable to grow in their houses and bring into their gardens as part of the renovation process. 

Your home is where you should feel most comfortable and relaxed. Every now and then, people decide to do some structural changes to their houses to help them get the most comfort and practicality within their living spaces. Since such changes are designed to improve the state of your home, you must take extra care that nothing compromises the health and safety within your property. Implementing pest control measures before, after, and while carrying on renovation work is vital in ensuring your home is safe and that everyone who lives and works there stays healthy. Consider hiring professional help if you suspect any pest infestation within your household so that you can get rid of them as soon as possible.