If your kitchen is no longer looking its best, or it just isn’t well-suited to your needs and cooking style, you may be considering a renovation. But when it comes to overhauling such a significant part of the home, oftentimes it’s best to have the help of an expert. This is not only to be able to fully realise the kitchen of your dreams, but also so that you can fully maximise the functionality and usability of your cooking space. A modern kitchen designer will not only have the knowledge and expertise to do this, but will also make the renovation process smoother and easier for you. Unconvinced? Read on to find out more about why you should hire a modern kitchen designer.

What Do They Do?

What Do They Do
Kitchen designers do just that – design kitchens! And while this may seem like a simple thing, there are quite a lot of things that go into designing and renovating kitchens that someone who has not gone through formal training, like kitchen designers have, can miss. When renovating your kitchen yourself, details like safety considerations, building regulations and standards, style principles, and ergonomics may be forgotten in place of aesthetics and budget constraints. Unfortunately, not only does this negatively affect your kitchen’s functionality and use, it can also cost you more money in the long run.

Kitchen designers put together the design requirements and technical details that make a kitchen usable and easily accessible to its owners. This is not an easy feat, and can take years of experience to perfect in order to produce a beautiful kitchen that is not only modernised, but also fits the needs of those who will use it.

Do I Need To Hire One?

If you’re new to the renovating scene, don’t know where to start, or want to ensure that your kitchen comes up to your specifications, whatever they may be, it’s advised to hire a kitchen designer. They will be able to put together a modern kitchen design that will not only look beautiful in the end product, but will also take into account your working spaces, available storage, plumbing, lighting, your cooking style, as well as the maintenance.

How Do I Know If They’re Qualified?

How Do I Know If They’re Qualified
While there are no requirements by law that helps determine who is and is not a kitchen designer, the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia (KBDi) provides certification that ensures your chosen kitchen designer has a qualification from a registered training organisation. As this certification requires industry experience and assessments to test the standards of their work, it is a good idea to look for this qualification from your potential kitchen designers to ensure that your kitchen renovations will be in good, skilled hands.

And don’t forget to ask to take a look at their portfolio, too! You can only really know the depth of a kitchen designer’s expertise by looking at their previous work.