Landscape design is a distinct art and profession practiced by experienced professionals worldwide who incorporate the aesthetics of nature with the functionality of human structures. In modern practice, landscape design blends the art and science of construction with the practical application of landscape architecture. The result is an innovative and aesthetically appealing landscape designed with the utmost regard for functionality. Landscape architecture consists of structures such as buildings, public or residential gardens, outdoor spaces, bridges, water features, and more, which can be arranged in any shape or form, but the basic principle remains the same.

What Is Landscape Design?

The term landscape design is often confused with gardening and landscaping. There are many distinct differences between these practices. When talking about the garden, this is the physical aspect of a property. When speaking of landscape design, this includes the aesthetic and cultural aspects of the property. 

For example, if you have a beautiful country park with lots of natural scenery, you would call it a country garden. On the other hand, if your home has a beautiful backyard surrounded by water features and trees, then it would be considered a landscaped garden. Both of them share similar elements such as plants and flowers, but one is intended to enhance the beauty of the land, and the other is meant to serve a functional purpose.

Working With Melbourne’s Best Landscape Designers

If you want your yard to be a beautiful work of art, there are several reasons to hire a landscape designer to do the job. Many take advantage of the opportunities presented by nature to make their yards look their best. It’s tempting to maintain the landscaping by yourself, but many don’t know enough to properly take care of a yard. That’s where a landscape contractor comes into play. 

Below are some of the main reasons why you should only hire the best landscape designers in Melbourne.

  1. They Know How To Get Started Properly

There are many ways in which landscape designing can be achieved, but some of the most popularly used designs include the traditional, minimalist, abstract, and nature-inspired. A good way to get started with landscape design would be to consult experts in the field, who will give you valuable suggestions and guidelines on how to design your landscape. Many experts in Melbourne, like Seyffer Designs, study landscape design for years to provide the best services possible for their clients. They would know how to get started regarding design strategies suitable for your needs.

  1. They Take Advantage Of The Topography

Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and has a temperate climate throughout the year. The city’s weather is generally dry, with only a few days when rainfall is possible. Precipitation usually falls as light sprinkles compared to other parts of Australia that are known for their downpours. A knowledgeable designer would integrate these basic facts when planning a design. Their choice of construction and building materials will often be influenced by the kind of weather in an area.

  1. Melbourne Designers Have Diverse Styles

Several landscape design companies in Melbourne specialize in setting up a specific style or a particular plan. But regardless of who you’ll hire for a home landscaping project, you could choose from any of the following design techniques employed by some of the top landscape designers in Melbourne:

  • Have A designated area for the family to socialize: Something many families choose to implement into their landscaping is landscape furniture. By adding a patio and furniture, they could have a unique outdoor space to spend time together and socialize. If your family enjoys the outdoors, you could even buy a grill and set up an outdoor kitchen for your family to enjoy on the weekends.
  • Use different shapes and colors to make landscape pop: When designing your landscape and choosing plants, don’t be scared to pick different shapes, colors, and sizes to make each one pop. You can use plants that will accent smaller areas like the Eskdale or Evergreen Baby. You can also add a splash of color by using plants like the Flora Burst or the Little Ruby. 
  • Use water to add life to your landscape: There are many ways to implement water into your landscape. You can choose to add a pond full of fish to add a touch of wildlife to your garden. Another option is adding a fountain to attract birds and other small critters to your garden.
  • Make sure your landscape is balanced: Having different types of plants as well as trees can make your landscape have more of a natural flow. When adding features to your landscape, always make sure you maintain balance. For example, if you’re planting trees, make sure you grow them in a pattern and not all over the place.
  • Make good use of small spaces: Just because you don’t have a large space to design doesn’t mean you can’t make your landscape look beautiful. One way you can do landscaping in a small area is to build layers. If you think of the wild or a wooded area, you can see it has layers. It starts low in the grass, to the underbrush, the bushes, then the trees. You can use this same idea to landscape a small area.
  • Use pathways to direct attention: By adding pathways to your landscaping, you will be able to direct your visitor’s eyes in the direction you want them to look. This is a great addition to any landscape as the pathway will enhance your outdoor design. It will also help lead any company around your landscape to see the many features you have implemented.
  • Use natural elements: Adding natural elements to your landscape can make it look more attractive and feel more relaxing. There are many ways you can incorporate natural elements into your landscaping. Some include using stones when making a pathway, adding an outdoor fireplace to integrate fire, using wooden furniture, and installing a fountain to use water in.
  1. Job Is Extremely Complex

Landscaping requires tedious planning and work that may not be done by any amateur. The job is much more complex and time-consuming than it appears. Melbourne designers know that there are many different plants and flowers that may be beautiful to look at but don’t exactly go with the rest of the landscaped area. The result could be bland or very attractive, depending on where the garden is positioned and the overall design scheme of the house itself.

  1. Can Organize Your Garden Correctly

A professional Melbourne-based landscaper knows that the best way to make a garden look its best is to have it organized. They know how to plant and cultivate the garden so that it looks the way it’s supposed to appear. They also know how to plant in such a way that the plants are in harmony with one another and the environment. You will want to have the plants that will complement each other and the plants that will fit with the layout of the house and the other plants in it. The best landscapers will use their knowledge of plants and shrubs to ensure that the house fits together well.

  1. They Will Have The Best Training And Skills

It should be obvious that a landscaper is trained and skilled at what they do. They’re able to identify the best plants to use based on the amount of sunlight the plant is receiving. They’re also able to provide you with designs and ideas that would not otherwise be possible. Also, a landscaper has the knowledge and experience to determine what materials will look best in your environment. If your yard has become a nightmare due to invasive plants or weeds, hiring a landscape designer is a great way to get your yard back into shape.

  1. They Help Increase Home Value

If you’re thinking of getting a new home or looking for ways to increase your property’s resale value, it might be time to hire a landscape designer. Many people get home contractors for their garden landscaping needs, but that can be a lot of hassle and money. With a landscape contractor, you can save a lot of time by using them to design the look of your yard and the area around the house. They can help you maximize your available space using the appropriate materials, tools, and plants to make it work. The main advantage of hiring a landscape designer is that they often have access to better materials, supplies, and plants, often sold by other trade professionals, allowing them to offer more than just gardening services.

  1. Can Create Extravagant Landscapes

Landscapers can help create a complex design that will result in a more aesthetically pleasing landscape. Professional landscape designers have a special talent for turning any landscape into an extravagant outdoor getaway for you and your family. Because they have spent so much time working with clients like you, they will know what your needs are and how best to fulfill them. Your experience will help them create a landscape that will reflect the personality of your home, your lifestyle, and your home’s surroundings.

  1. Can Take The Work Load Off Of You

If you’re looking to create a simple landscaping design, you might be able to accomplish this by yourself, but a professionally designed landscape will require the input and hard work of many people. It is unlikely that one individual would be able to handle such a large project on their own. It could take weeks or even months should you decide to go solo with it. But projects like these are best to leave to professional teams, which Melbourne designers already have. It also makes it easier for the landscape contractor to come up with creative solutions to problems if there are more brains working on the project. 

  1. They Have Customizable Services

Another reason why you should hire a Melbourne-based landscape contractor is that their services will be customized to your specific personal tastes. They will take into consideration your house’s overall type and style, and then they will create a design plan that fits its theme. 

For instance, if your home has a country look to it, they will take that into consideration as they make their design plan. If you have a very traditional design, they will incorporate that into the plan they’ll draft. If you have a design that combines both modern and traditional styles, they will bring that into the plan as well. 

  1. Can Design Easy To Care For Landscapes 

Keeping a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be complicated. When you hire a professional landscape designer, they will help you design a low maintenance garden. This means you won’t have to constantly be doing work to your landscape to keep it looking good. 

Another aspect that the designer would consider is the kind of plants good enough to grow and survive in the area. There’s no point in planting exotic flora all around the landscaped area if the plants won’t survive the weather conditions anyway. Landscape designers can also help you pick native plants and flowers that require very little to no care and can flourish on their own. 

Thus, a seasoned Melbourne-based landscape designer would pick any of these popular plants:

  • Amber Velvet
  • Amethyst
  • Aranda
  • Aussie Flat Bush
  • Autumn Bravo
  • Double Gold
  • Flora Burst
  • Emerald Arch
  • Green John


Landscaping is not easy, and it takes a considerable amount of work to make sure the landscape design is pleasing to you. It may seem like an impossible task at first, but you may be surprised how quickly your garden grows if you plan and work on it correctly. If you make a list of the different aspects of landscape design, then you will find the ones you like and dislike, and which will help you with planning your garden. If you plan properly, you can create a beautiful landscape garden that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Hiring a professional landscape designer from Melbourne can help ensure that your home looks its best and its value to go up.