Do you know Reasons your garage door isn’t working properly? If it is a big “No” then you need to know some of the points enabling you to know the reason behind it. Look into every single point and make an adjustment so as to fix it as soon as possible.

Know why:

Photo-eye is completely blocked-

From the past ten to fifteen years, the photo-eye is into existence. It very well detects whether an object or person is blocking the door by lowering all the way out. The photo-eye is placed 4 to 6 inches off from the ground and the size is in the form of a pea. The aim function of photo-eye is to shoot a laser over a large length. When the path is interrupted or someone cuts off the powerful signal the lowering and raising of the door are seen.

Always check if the cords correctly got attached to photo-eye or not, or else the cord is damaged or cut. The leakage or rainstorm can damage the eye. The photo-eye can be clogged with dust or dirt and this can block the laser. So, you need to clean through the photo-eye all the way.

Disruption of operator power source-

Disruption of operator power source
Sometimes, unplugging of the power source may result in the ineffective working of garage door opener.

That is why the door fails to work. This may sound ridiculous when it happens. Always make sure that the door opener is properly plugged in a working outlet. The outlets go out with no warning. So, you need to examine the outlet working through plugging another electronic device or equipment. In addition to this, the circuit breaker, GFCI must be checked.

The torsion springs are fully broken-

The sudden sound of Bang and Boom tells that that the torsion spring has got broken. A sudden loud sound such as gunshot or firecracker is also the reason for the inappropriate working of the garage door. For a certain number of cycles, the spring gets rated and it is the very first thing that is responsible for breaking your door opener. One of the no.1 reasons is broken down of spring as stated by the garage door repair companies. If the spring got broken you need to fix as soon as possible.

Never ever try to open or close the door when it is broken. Just get repaired it from expert or professional through right sort of tools.

Cables have popped off or snapped-

Cables have popped off or snapped
Similar to a bike sprocket, the cable can be disengaged easily. Many times, the torsion spring becomes rusted or broken, so the garage door is unable to snap just after the hit. This causes the damage of cable as well as to the wall. If you get to see such problem immediately call the professional or expert.

Out of sensitivity adjustments-

To a newly installed garage door, this problem is as usual. A lower sensitivity may end up the slow opening of the door. If you get to see such problem then immediately reset the sensitivity. You can even adjust close force as well as a limit switch so as to make the level appropriate.

Malfunctioning of the remote control-

With the remote control, if the garage door would not open. Given below are things that can cause problems-

You are out of range

  • The motor antenna is blocked or damaged from the signal and always ensure it got hanged down the antenna
  • Using the wall switch, it the door won’t open then change the remote control setting
  • Reprogramming of the remote control is enough if all these falls apart

Need for limit setting adjustments-

Need for limit setting adjustments
If the door gets popped up immediately after the door is closed, you are requested to check the setting that would help you to mechanize the opening. If all the settings are off, then the door will immediately hit the floor before it gets opened. The damage can be avoided by automatic backtrack. You need to check the button present on the motor or adjustment should be made.

You can use some trail or error. You need to find a ladder and figure out limiting switch for adjustment through the knob. Some models get labeled down and up. Consult the expert or professional so as to get help. You need to adjust it down if the door isn’t closing. A small adjustment is enough don’t overdo it.

The door is out of track-

If the door is out of the track, it won’t side correctly. Always make sure the door should roll smoothly along the metal track. Check for any bumps, obstacles, and gaps. Listen as well as watch the progress of the door. Fix the problem if the screws are loose and hold back the track gently tap track for proper position. The mallet of rubber and level can help immensely.

Unseen obstacles-

Unseen obstacles
In order to protect the injury, the garage door is reversed automatically when it makes contact with obstacles. If the door closes halfway, then reversing is the apparent reason. Check whether the track accommodates any rock, dirt, the bit of trash, or debris. Dislodge anything by wiping down.

Switching off of disconnection-

Every single garage door opener incorporates a knob, cord, or disconnect switch. In case of an outage of power, the knob works effectively. Always make sure that the door cable is connected thoroughly. If the switch is disconnected, then connect it by consult or professional.

It’s locked-

This particular falls into the error category. If the motor runs but the door isn’t budged then this is a dangerous issue. It is the time to get the locking fixed. Check if the metal parts slide well over the bar accessing. You need to precisely locate the knob and then handle it through lock disengaging.


Now you very well know why your garage door doesn’t work so you can take help or assistance from the consultant or expert. The professional or expert knows how all the problems or issues related to the door opening and closing can be solved. If there is a major problem then you can straightaway visit the online repairing shops so as to get it repaired. Make a call and the experts will be at your doorsteps as soon as possible.