When you want to create a wow factor home, you have to think about exterior design vs. only thinking about interior design. What’s the good of having all of your amazing designs inside where only a select few can see them?

Putting together beautiful exterior designs will allow you to share the beauty of your imagination with passers-by.

If you need a little inspiration, we can help you. Continue reading this article to learn outside your home designs that are sure to attract positive attention.

Bursts of Color

Adding bursts of color is a great way to spice up any yard. While you might want to have many of the things in your yard designed with muted colors, having a beautiful pop of color can really make the look of the yard soar.
Homes-Colorful Exteriors
Whether you add the burst of color by planting colorful flowers, buying bright furniture or putting an interesting yard element, there are plenty of options for your pop of color.

Outdoor Movie Spot

Outdoor movie spots are a lot of fun. Whether you have a big wall to project the movie on or if you have a movie projector sheet, you’ll be able to have a movie-like experience right in your backyard.

Beautiful Bench

Putting a specially designed bench in your yard is a good way to create a nice feel for your yard. Not only will you create a new feel but it will also be functional.

Find the place in your yard that offers the best view and set the bench atop that very spot.


If a bench is a little too stable for your taste, you can always put in a swing. A sturdy swing can be a great place to enjoy the day and depending on the design, it can dictate the look of the yard.


Gazebos are a great thing to put in your backyard because they can shelter you from the rain but they are also very open. These beautiful structures are easy to decorate for the seasons and remind you of something you’ve read about in a storybook.


Whether you want marble, granite or bronze statues, there are a lot of different options that will really set off the look of your yard. Statues give your estate a luxurious look and make a major statement.

Bed Swing

You’ve seen tire swings but take it to the next level and go with a bed swing. A beautiful bed swing can be comfortable and relaxing. It’s a perfect upgrade from a tire swing or bench swing when you’re ready to relax a little bit more.

Interesting Planters

Do you have a green thumb and love all things plants? You can find a lot of different planter options that can make your yard look unique and beautiful.

Why not upcycle some old furniture and create your own planter designs? Think planters made from chairs or dresser drawers.

Outdoor Bar

Do you have friends that enjoy a good drink in the evenings or on weekends? Don’t go inside to serve them. Create an outdoor bar and make it convenient for you and your friends to get a good drink.

An outdoor bar isn’t only convenient, it’s also a nice piece to compliment your outdoor setup.
Outdoor Bar

Fire Pit Fun

Fire pits are nice any time of year. Even if you aren’t the s’ mores type of person, you can enjoy sitting around the fire telling stories and talking with your friends. Whether you buy a fire pit, have one built or you make one on your own, you can go big or small with your design.

If you plan on having a lot of people over often, you might want to expand your fire pit plans beyond a little circle. Instead, have layers of seating for people that might not want to get as close to the fire as others.

Trendy Treehouses

We all loved treehouses when we were kids and now you can create a treehouse in your own backyard. Nowadays, treehouses are more than a crude building in a tree. You can even make the treehouse look like a mini version of your own home.

It’s Shed Time

Not into the treehouse idea? How about a beautifully designed shed? You can make the shed your getaway space or maybe use it as your office.

There are lots of options for what you can do with a shed, but the exterior design can play off the look of the home and really make the yard look amazing.

Pretty Pergola

A pergola makes it easy for you to hang lights or scarves overtop a table or other space. You can make your yard or patio look extra fancy by adding a pretty pergola.

Rope Lights

Do you have paths through your yard that might make it a little difficult to get through without tripping? Rope lights can play double duty by making your paths safe and also making your yard look amazing at night.
Rope Lights
There are different colors of rope light, so you can customize the light experience as much as you’d like.

Your Exterior Design Game Is on Point

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