10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Handles for Your Home

Handle According to the Cabinets

Match handle style (modern, traditional) with cabinet design (wood, painted) for cohesive look. 

Choose suitable knobs or pulls

Knobs for smaller drawers, pulls for larger cabinets, based on ease of use.

Material check

Consider durability and quality; options include metal, wood, or plastic. 

Appropriate size

Ensure handles are proportionate to cabinet size for balance and usability. 

Choose according to the environment

Consider kitchen and Bathroom; select handles suitable for moisture and use. 

Color and proper finish

coordinate handle color (black, silver) and finish (matte, shiny) with overall decor. 


Opt for handles that are comfortable to grip and easy to use daily.

Use black Color handles on light cabinets

Contrast light cabinets with black handles for a striking, modern look. 

Brass handle is also a good option

Brass adds warmth and elegance; complements various cabinet colors. 

Use mix-and-match

Combine different handle styles (knobs and pulls) for visual interest and functionality.