What is a lockbox? Do you know enough about it? Yes, the lockbox is the perfect piece of product that can ensure the safety and security of the property without any extra hassle.
You have known about some well-known lockbox brands and what they actually can do.

But now, we are going to inform you 10 Things that you need to Know about Real Estate Lockbox. So, are you going to buy a real estate lockbox? Let’s know these essential pieces of information first.

1. App-based

Lockbox is mainly an App-based operation. If you are trying to find the best solution for your property safety, then go for the App based one. It will help you to manage the security of the place in a better way. You will be able to get notified through the App.

2. Durable

One of the central parts of a lockbox is, it is a sustainable solution to the property security problem. So, before buying the product, know about the material of your lockbox. If you want to find the most durable one for both outdoor and indoor, go for the box made with zinc.

There is a metal-based lockbox too. You will find some lockbox that is made of metal and covered by the most robust plastic. According to the place you are going to use the lockbox, choose the materials that will make it more durable.

3. Safe

Using a lockbox is the safest option that you can use. It connects to a web server. It contains all the information about the activity around the key. Besides, the moment anyone wants to tamper the box, you will get an email about that.

The notification will reach you. So, it will ensure the safety of your property correctly!

4. Secure place

Keeping the lockbox in the right and the safe site also matters. Usually, people place the lockbox in a safe location. You can put it at the front door. But, please place it at the back door or just by any side of your house. It will ensure that the least amount of people know about the lockbox.

5. Remotely workable

The most fun part of using a lockbox is, it can be used from your home too. It is not always possible to be there in the property arena. Here, a lockbox with remote control will help you to enjoy the access of your property consistently.
Real Estate Lockbox
You can even let the people enter into your property through the lockbox, too — all these things you can enjoy through using a particular App.

6. Advanced technology

Day by day, the technology of the lockbox is getting developed. You will find Bluetooth lockbox, App-based lockbox, and the manual ones too. So, to use it efficiently, know which one is more comfortable.

7. Cost

According to the unit, the price of the lockbox varies. The manual ones are cheaper than the advanced lockboxes. If you are a customer, you don’t have to buy a lockbox. Usually, it comes with a full-time realtor.

8. Storage

All the lockbox doesn’t have the same storage capacity. Some can hold 4-5 keys. Some can hold only two. Some other lockboxes can contain the essentials of both indoor and outdoor. You can store your garage key into the box too. So, know about the store before buying a lockbox.

9. Combination lockbox and smart lockbox

There are two types of lockboxes. One is the combination of the lockbox. In it, you need to put the alphabet manually and open the lock. On the other hand, there is a smart lockbox. You can use it through the App from any smartphone. Bluetooth and RFID technology can also use it.

10. Deprogrammed lockbox

Sometimes, people buy used lockboxes. Are you going to buy something like that? No worries. Just buy it. But before that, make sure that the lockbox deprogrammed. It will ensure the security of your property in the future.
Deprogrammed lockbox
Is that all? Of course not! There are so many other things that you should consider and know before buying a lockbox. Still, if you want to start, all this information that has you read above will help you the most. So, have you gone through all of them? Then, be ready to buy one for yourself. For more knowledge in depth, Don’t miss reading this blog:

https://www.proagentsolutions.com/getting-to-know-your-supra-lockbox/ about Supra lockbox and how it works.