Nowadays for every small repair or home interior project within a home, people do not hire professionals as do-it-yourself projects are easy to do and also much more cost effective. For maintenance, repairs, home decoration, landscaping and other types of household projects there are many types of essential tools that can be used in a home.

The following are some of the essential tools for homeowners that help with all the projects that are mentioned above:

Essential Tools for Homeowners

Utility Knife

Utility Knife
A utility knife is a specialty knife used by homeowners for cutting different types of material that regular scissors and knives cannot cut and for opening sealed boxes. Basic utility knives are available easily at major hardware or utility stores and are an essential tool for homeowners. These types of utility knives are used for small woodwork jobs, installing carpets, installing the wallpaper and also installing flooring.


One of the most essential tools in the homeowner’s toolbox is a hammer. A hammer is a heavy metal tool that has a heavy metal head attached to a wooden rod style handle. Its primary job is to “hammer” the nails to drive in the nails while doing many household projects that need nails to join together things or as a hook for paintings and other such items.

Measurement Tape

An essential type of household tool is a tape measure. Measurement tape is very useful for a number of household projects. Before starting any type of project the right measurements need to be taken otherwise the entire household project can be messed up. The tape measure is used to measure wooden planks, walls, paintings, and size of pipes, size cloth, plastic, fiber or glass.

Step Stool

Step Stool
A step stool or a step ladder is an essential tool for homeowners. A step ladder is used for painting jobs at home, installing household products and appliances, for large bookshelves, and for different types of household projects that need homeowners to reach hard to reach areas within a household.

Drum Sander

Drum sanders are used to sand different types of wood to give it a smooth and polished surface that can be then used as flooring. Wooden planks are passed through drum sanders where the wooden planks are passed to the abrasive sandpaper roller to smoothen the surface of the wood tiles or planks. You can find different types of the drum sanders depending on your usage.


Most toolboxes at home contain at least one or types of screwdrivers. As the name suggests these tools are used to fasten and tighten different types of screws used in various applications in and around the household. These screwdrivers are available in different shapes and sizes. There are manual and electric screwdrivers available in the market and are used for fixing furniture, door knobs, fix appliances and use screws to join different materials in different types of household projects.


A wrench which is also known as a spanner is a type of tool that is used to fasten and tighten the nuts and bolts. These are needed to be used in different types of home projects that require materials to be held together using nuts and bolts. Wrenches are used while building and repairing furniture, household appliances, and items, and also used in fixing small vehicles like bicycles.


Another essential tool for households is pliers. Pliers in different forms have been used for centuries. The pliers are usually used in many household projects as the two parallel jaws of the pliers help people get a firm grip of nuts and bolts and to hold firmly many types of objects while doing such projects.



Every household must have a flashlight in their home. This flashlight should be properly charged or should have fresh batteries and should be accessible to homeowners at any time. Flashlights are used when homes lose power and people need to see in the darkness. Flashlights are used to inspect basements and inspect the attic and repairs and also used to inspect surrounding areas around the home in the dark.

Electrical Extension Cord

Many household tools that are needed to do household projects are electrical in nature. An electrical extension cord is not just needed to power the tools required to do household projects but also to power different types of products and electrical appliances in the market.

Power Drill

Power Drill
A top essential tool needed by homeowners is a power drill. An electric drill is as the name suggests used to drill holes for various household projects in the household. This is used to fit furniture, cabinets, TV cabinets, fix fixtures, lights, and other such household products.


Households generally require large types of tools for not just household projects but also for small repairs that need to be done within a household on a regular basis. The above- mentioned tools are required to be kept in a household and can be used by different types of homeowners as these tools are very easy to use and also very helpful.