This is a hard task. Keep the garage clean? How is that even possible? Garages are made to be and meant to be a dirty, disorganized mess. That is the natural state of the space. Anything different is wildly uncommon and in fact, unacceptable. Quite a lot of people think that way and are therefore very unbothered by the clutter that resides in their garage. It’s only normal, after all. Others, however, are completely put off by the messy situation and are looking for simple tips to keep everything in order. 

Clean And Sort

There can be no organizing without first cleaning. How long has it been since your garage got some love and attention from you? Most of us are guilty by years. But that’s fine. That’s about to change now. Dedicate a day to the task. If you’ve got help, then it won’t even take an entire day. Friends and family members all need to lend a hand to get the job done quickly yet efficiently. Get everything out. If you can powerwash the space, great! Go for it. Otherwise, get your broom, mop, and bucket. Give it a good scrubbing and let the room dry. The last thing you want is to encourage the growth of mold.

While waiting for the area to dry, this is a good time to sort through the contents removed. Separate everything into sections for keeping, donating, selling, and dumping. You can already start thinking of the worthy organizations that could use some of the stuff to help the poor and homeless.  Whether you give those items away right then and there or will do so later, keep them out of the garage. The temptation to allow them to stay there for some more years will inevitably creep up on you. 

Say Yes To Cabinets

You may think that the only place in your home where cabinets fit is in the kitchen. It might shock you, but there is such a thing as garage cabinets, and they may be the lifesaver you’ve been looking for. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person or a handyman or woman who is great at putting together projects, this is the ideal situation for you. With Garage Cabinets, you get the opportunity to design your cabinets online with the company’s special online design tool. Select the amount of space you require, your layout, and choose a color. The design tool automatically updates your total with every specification made. All that’s left to do then is sit back and wait a week for it to be delivered. If this sounds amazing, check them out to get the process started. So confident are they in the sturdiness and durability of the product, they offer a 10-year warranty.  

There is no reason to ever pay retail again. Go straight to the factory and enjoy that factory direct price. None of their cabinets will be found in big box stores but don’t worry. Professional and friendly staff are waiting to assist virtually before, during, and after the sale. If you prefer to support items made within the USA, then this is another reason to give the cabinet kings a try. All cabinets are finished off with powder coating. With over forty-five options to choose from for upper cabinets and over 18 for lower, you are bound to find something your love. 

Install Shelves And Racks

In addition to cabinets, you can also erect wall shelvings and racks. Open shelves can easily be installed or mounted. Space them according to preference. Be sure to leave sufficient room to store larger items. The goal is to keep the floor free as much as possible. Choose between wood and steel shelves. Depending on the weight and the number of tools and items you want to store, and the propensity for termite damage or splitting of the wood, it is a safer bet to go with either a heavy-duty slab of treated wood or steel shelvings. Use the very top shelves for items you barely use and so won’t really need on a daily basis. Your go-to’s should be placed within arms’ reach.

For easy hanging of those belongings that will not sit properly on a shelf, wall racks are the answer. Bicycles can finally have a proper place, gardening tools like rakes and shovels, ski, and golfing equipment can be organized conveniently. The key with both racks and shelves is to ensure that they are properly fastened to the wall. Use screws, bolts, studs as necessary. If ordered from a manufacturer, read the manual and follow all instructions to the letter.

Ceiling Storage

If you believe the walls and floor are the only places to have storage, wrong! Utilize every inch of your garage, that includes the ceiling. You can go for ceiling-mounted racks that are fixed or able to extend. Unsure of what exactly will end up there? The default is for a bigger storage rack size. Usually, racks can support approximately 50 pounds for every square inch but selecting the option with wall-mounted brackets allows you to safely store heavier items. Racks outfitted with adjustable heights will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of space taken up in the room.

If you rather avoid having to climb a step ladder every time you want to put or remove something from there, then consider having a motorized version installed. That way, with just a push of a button, the rack will ascend and descend. 

With these tips you can transform your garage into a room you love being in even more. It will be a clutter-free, clean, and welcoming area. Try your very best to keep the floors clean and free. If you find yourself needing even more space, install more shelves, cabinets, and racks. Take up every inch of those walls. Alternatively, you may be moved to give even more things away. Taking the extra time to put everything back in its proper place after use will help you keep the room more organized for longer.