Your home is the perfect place to make your personality shine through, so treat it as you would a blank canvas and let your creativity break free. Character and charm can be created in many ways, and personal taste is revealed within the rooms of your home more than anywhere else.

If your personality finds you wanting to make an impressive statement in your home, in any manner, here are 4 methods you can use to achieve that.

Choose a Statement Piece for Every Room

Every room works better with a focal point, but this doesn’t just have to mean a feature wall or a fireplace. The perfect statement piece can be central to the room and draw the eye in the best way, and there are many great furnishing opportunities for this.
Choose a Statement Piece for Every Room
For the bedroom, you could have an impressive and well-dressed bed to draw the eye. For the dining room or kitchen, think about an attractive dining table or a functional kitchen island. In the living room, nothing makes the room more functional and symmetrical than contemporary coffee tables arranged in the right places.

Use Wall Space to Make a Statement

If you prefer your statement pieces to be more wall-mounted and at eye level, then art is a great way to add bold character to any home. You could have a large and significant piece of artwork dominating the room, either in a central place on the wall or as the only piece of work within a space.

Alternatively, you could have a series of art pieces that, together, create the perfect message.

Statement pieces of art don’t always have to go on the wall, however; if you’d rather have an interesting statue, accessory, or free-standing art placed in the room or on a table, this can also be a great way to make a statement.

Go for a Bold Wallpaper

If a feature wall is what you’re going for, then you need to be bold and courageous with it in order to really make a difference. Plain wallpaper or wallpaper which lacks design or color simply won’t be loud enough to make a statement. You can click here to find a few ideas for the bold design you’re looking for. When thinking of bold wallpaper, think either bright colors, interesting patterns, or even something downright eccentric such as quirky shapes or even animals wearing top hats! Draw people’s attention and inspire a conversation.
Go for a Bold Wallpaper

Mix Patterns and Prints

A lot of design advice will see you balancing out plain features with bold prints, and avoiding the mixture of varying patterns and prints altogether. However, there’s no reason patterns and prints can’t work together if chosen correctly, and together, this room scheme can do more than make a statement.

The bolder and more out-of-place your prints and patterns seem together, the bigger a statement you’ll be making. Something so incohesive can become so ‘out-there’ that it creates the perfect reflection of a bold, rebellious personality.

You can still find cohesion by choosing colors that match or complement one another, but don’t be afraid to use completely opposite patterns and layering.