No home decoration is complete without some greenery. Whether it’s flowers, succulents, cacti, foliage, or houseplants, housing some plant life in your environment works wonders. Plantlife is aesthetically pleasing, adds colour, ambience, character, improves air quality, and portrays a healthy and clean lifestyle. 

Sadly, because we don’t live in The Sims 5, all this plant life requires specific attention to stay alive. Not to mention the climate of your location. We understand that adding another chore to an already busy schedule isn’t ideal. Work routines like learning how to tie a tie have to take priority. However, a surprising amount of greenery is built to withstand extreme temperatures without needing much watering or attention. 

 So, to add some greenery to your space without eating up your time, these are our 5 suggestions for low maintenance greenery to include in your home.


Rhoeo, also named Moses in a Cradle, is a fantastic option that doesn’t need us, humans, getting in the way of its growth. Plant it in a pot, then water about once a week. On the hotter days, we recommend twice a week. The most important thing to avoid is overwatering the Rhoeo. If the soil gets too damp, the plant will begin to rot or droop, so always water less rather than more. The Rhoeo sprouts out gorgeous leaves of violet and green that contrast beautifully with each other and will ensure a lush, colourful environment in your home.

Coffee Arabica

This is one of the most entertaining plants to look after. Tragically, it’s too small to grow enough coffee to cover your morning caffeine needs, but you can always grow it in a coffee cup as a cute reminder! The Coffee Arabica does need regular watering, but don’t worry! If the soil dries up and the plant begins to droop, feed it water, and it will perk right back up in no time!

Succulents (any of them!)

Succulents were always going to make this list. They’re the perfect plant for those looking to do as little as possible. Succulents only need watering twice a month (If that), and they’ll look after the rest, inside or outside.  The Haworthia is a personal favourite due to its elongated, esthetic quality. It looks like aloe but sports a zebra-like pattern of white and green, with its bands pointing upwards and outwards.


If a plant resides in the desert, you know that it’s tough as nails. Small cacti in a pot makes for a unique plant that requires minimal attention. However, be careful where you position it in your home. The last thing you’d want is a guest to get pricked out of nowhere! While the spikes are obviously harmful, they can also grow in circular patterns that actually look intricate and beautiful. We’d recommend putting your cacti in a spot where they have access to plenty of sunlight. 


If you’re looking to add some height to your indoor foliage, look no further than bamboo. Even better, bamboo doesn’t require any soil. Instead, place the stalks in a container or vase, then surround them with pebbles and water. Then, if your bamboo begins to outgrow your container, you can easily switch to a bigger one without killing the bamboo—versatile, tall, and low maintenance.