We all live in a busy world where tackling household chores along with work schedules is a difficult task indeed. In fact for some of the tasks, we are so dependent on professional services that when their need arises we rush to look for some help.

Plumbing jobs are one such task and here we will tell you 5 ways in which you can find if you are about to choose the wrong plumbing agency.

Don’t have a license number or certification

Before anything you need to check if the agency or person has a license number to operate in your area. This means that if you are looking for plumbers Adelaide and you have shortlisted some agencies you have to entrust the job to someone who can provide you valid papers.

You might not want to deal with someone who has not been certified because that means he may not have the kind of expertise that is required. Since plumbing tasks are dexterous and need concentration hiring an inexperienced person is not worth it.

Is not technically proficient

Just like your company does not hire a person with no technical background, the same applies to your requirement too. It is better if you check if the person being sent is technically knowledgeable enough.

Apart from that, he should have adequate information about the industry and the technological changes happening here. If the person you are considering says no to any new technology or expresses an inability to handle it chances are he is not the right person.


The person or agency you are dealing with should have the time to respond to your request at short notice. Plumbing tasks are often sudden and need an immediate response. If the agency you are dealing with keeps delaying or giving you excuses they are not flexible enough. It is also possible that for them the client issues are not so important.

No guarantee to service given

When you want to hire someone you want them to take proper responsibility for the task. If they are ready to do the work but cannot guarantee the outcome, then they are not to be trusted. They have no proper expertise to accomplish your job. Staying clear from such people and agencies is the only logical thing to do.

Uses only independent contractors

The company does not have any regular employees of its own, it is only using independent contractors to get their jobs finished. This can be a problem as with such people it is difficult to carry out background checks. Who knows the person you are dealing with has a criminal background? We are sure you would not be ok with that at all.


Plumbing tasks are not easy and hence cannot be accomplished by any person. You have to choose a person who has the technical knowhow to deal with such trying situations. Make sure to read the online reviews of the company to avoid getting duped. Normally associating with a company which has already served any family member or friend can be the best idea.