Energy Efficient Appliances

The cost of living continues to rise and yet wages often struggle to keep up. This means that your real term wealth is decreasing. But, you can help to redress the balance by reducing your household’s energy use which can be uncovered by your local electrician. This will save you money and help to save the environment.

The great thing is that it is not difficult to reduce your energy use!

1.Check Your Electricity

 Check Your Electricity
Give the Electrical Detectives a call today and they will check your meter for you. It is possible that your meter is faulty and you’re being charged for electricity you’re not even using.

It is also possible that you have old wiring which is causing electricity to flow into the ground. If it connects to a metal substance, such as a pipe, it will electrify the pipe and create a constant flow of electricity out of your home.

In addition old wiring is one of the biggest causes of fires in the home.
A qualified electrical firm will also take a look at the appliances you’ve got plugged in to see if there is any risk attached to any of them.


The next step is to disconnect everything you’re not using. Electricity is consumed when something is on standby. It is also used if your charger is plugged in but your phone isn’t.
In short you can save energy by turning off lights you’re not using and unplugging all appliances when you’re not using them.

3.Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances
If you go into any store you’ll find a label on every new appliance. This shows the energy efficiency of the appliance. A is the best and the scale slides down from there. If your appliances at home are not A rated you may find it beneficial to change your appliance to A rated ones. It can save a significant amount of energy.

4.Water Efficiency Labels

Water Efficiency Labels
The same principle applies to water efficiency. These labels are also on new appliances. The more efficient the appliance the more stars it has. This means it uses less water than a similar alternative appliance.

Less water equates to less energy needed to heat it and reduces your water usage; helping you to save energy on two fronts!

5.Alternative Power

 Alternative Power
Finally it is worth considering alternative power. Solar panels are becoming an attractive option for many people and with good reason.

Rigged up properly you’ll have all the power you need to power your appliances through the day and the night. If you prefer not to invest in batteries and transformers you may wish to simply sell the electricity back to the grid. Hopefully it will offset your actually usage costs.

As a bonus point it is worth looking at the insulation you already have in your home. The better insulated your home is the less you’ll need to heat it or cool it. This will quickly cover the cost of your insulation and help you to save money as you reduce you energy usage.