Looking to turn your outdoor space into an oasis? Leverage these 8 outstanding backyard remodel ideas to achieve that end!

Are you looking to remodel your backyard?

When a house renovation is sometimes tempting, they’re often incredibly expensive. For this reason, many homeowners choose to remodel their backyard instead of their home’s interior.

Not only can backyard renovations be more wallet-friendly, but they also have the ability to transform the home overall. Once you finish a backyard renovation, you may find yourself feeling far less tempted to renovate your home’s interior.

If you’re considering a backyard remodel, this one’s for you. We’re outlining our eight best backyard remodel ideas for homeowners.

1. Furnish an Outdoor Patio

On warm summer nights, there’s nothing quite like kicking back and relaxing on your outdoor patio.

The good news?

Creating an outdoor patio or courtyard is relatively simple and wallet-friendly. In fact, an outdoor patio can be as simple as laying patio stone in a specified area and furnishing it with chairs. When the weather is warm, an outdoor patio can feel like an extension of the home.
Furnish an Outdoor Patio
This is a great place to entertain guests, host parties or have a family dinner.

2. Build a Sporting Court

Even a short decade ago, building a swimming pool was the go-to for those that were looking to spruce up their backyard.

While many still choose to install pools in their backyard, they’re certainly not as popular as they once were. Nowadays, homeowners are getting a little more creative in how to make their backyard more fun and influence healthy habits.

A backyard court is the perfect means of creating a space that is fun and entertaining. Nowadays, there are a variety of multi-use courts that can easily be installed into any size backyards. This allows the court to function for anything from basketball and tennis to hockey and soccer.

3. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re a budding home chef, it may be time to add an outdoor kitchen to your backyard paradise.

An outdoor kitchen typically features a BBQ, an oven and a stovetop. It will also feature a sink, fridge and freezer that are handy for outdoor bars. Pair these features with a small degree of storage and your outdoor kitchen dreams are all set!

While these can be admittedly pricy, they’re well worth the investment for those that live to spend time outdoors and cook fabulous meals. It’s safe to say an outdoor kitchen is certainly an entertainer’s dream!

4. Plant a Vegetable Garden

Now that you have your new outdoor kitchen, why not take your love for food to the next step?

After all, every food enthusiast should have their own vegetable garden.
Plant a Vegetable Garden
In warm climates, a vegetable garden is one of the best investments that you can make in your backyard. Not only is the act of vegetable gardening fulfilling, but you’re also setting yourself up for heaps of fresh produce throughout the year.

This is also a great way to encourage yourself and your family to eat more vegetables! The USDA states that adults should be eating 2-3 cups of vegetables each and every day.

5. Opt for New Patio Doors

Sometimes the best backyard remodel can be as simple as updating your patio doors.

With a sleek, modern upgrade, the rear of your home can look and feel entirely different. For example, aluminum doors have been growing in popularity with residential homes today. A simple aluminum door installation can provide your home with a modern and trendy feel.

This type of door is known for being both durable and safe while also being appealing to the eye and incredibly versatile.

6. Add an Outdoor Fireplace

What’s better than sitting next to a fire on a beautiful summer night?

Whether you’re playing guitar with friends or roasting tasty treats with your family, an outdoor fireplace is sure to provide heaps of entertainment.

Fortunately, outdoor fireplaces have grown in popularity during recent years. This means there are a wide variety on the market and many different types to suit your particular sense of style.

Down the road when it comes time to sell, you can bet that your outdoor fireplace is sure to appeal to a mass of buyers!

7. Refresh Your Gardens

If you’re looking for an extremely wallet-friendly means of revamping your backyard, it could be as simple as planting new plants and flowers.

If your garden isn’t exactly looking it’s best, it may be best to start over entirely. This will entail clearing out the majority of plants/flowers that are currently residing in your garden.
Refresh Your Gardens
From here, you can nurture the soils and prepare them for planting. Next, you can shop for a variety of plants, bushes, annuals and perennials. If you’re looking for a garden that is low maintenance, you should opt for bushes and perennial flowers that continue to come back with every new year.

This is a fun activity to get the whole family involved in. It teaches children about horticulture from a young age and encourages to them to spend more time outside and in the dirt!

8. Build a Treehouse

If you’re really looking to get in the good books of your children, this one just might be for you.

It’s safe to say that many kids grew up dreaming of having their own treehouse. If you were so lucky to have your own treehouse growing up, you can bet that many of your best childhood memories took place inside of it.

Sure, building a treehouse in your backyard isn’t exactly going to increase the value of your home. Instead, it’s going to be host to a number of precious memories for your family.

It’s also a great way to encourage your children to spend time in and appreciate the great outdoors. When we consider that the average kid now spends only 4-7 minutes in unstructured play outdoors, we can see how all of this time spent inside can become a serious issue.

Backyard Remodel Ideas

If you’re looking for backyard remodel ideas that are as practical as they are attractive, allow these tips and tricks to guide you.

Not only are these remodel ideas beneficial for the time being, but they’re also likely to benefit your home’s resale value. It’s also a fun way to encourage yourself and your family to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors!

It’s officially time to take the plunge and start that backyard remodel you’ve always dreamt of. If you’re always on the hunt for backyard inspiration and ideas, be sure to bookmark our outdoors page!