There is no doubting that a beautiful, well-kept garden is a joy to behold. A well-planned outdoor area invariably involves some layout of lawn and garden areas, and the front yard is typically the first thing the homeowner sees when they return home. A well-manicured front garden can lift the appeal and profile of any home.

But not everyone is blessed with a green thumb when it comes to plant and garden maintenance. And in a fast-paced world where so many people find themselves time-poor and overburdened with commitments, many well-meaning folks simply cannot find enough time to tend a larger or complex outdoor area.

Fortunately, there are some basic ways to establish an easy-care garden area that can look like a million dollars, with minimal ongoing maintenance. Take deer fencing from reputable suppliers such as, this will keep wildlife out and your garden looking great.


The lawn area typically accounts for the largest proportion of the average garden setting, and thus a well-presented lawn area will immediately lift the visual appeal of the outdoor area. If you want a freshly laid lawn done by specialists, check a site like US Turf to see how they can help you.

These days, synthetic technology has produced an extremely lifelike artificial turf. Forget the old “Brady Bunch front lawn” image of artificial lawn! Replacing the lawn areas with artificial turf has significant benefits – the visual improvement is immediate and stunning, and the ongoing maintenance is next to nothing. The reduction in the annual water bill may also add a further surprise.


Next to lawn care and maintenance, the greatest drain on time and effort is watering. Unfortunately, inattention to routine watering can mean devastation for the outdoor presentation, as plants shrivel and wilt or simply do not develop and grow.

With the watering load taken off the lawn areas, it is possible to pay closer attention to the watering needs of the garden areas, shrubs, and trees.

Spending some time installing a permanent reticulation system that caters to these areas will pay off big time in the long run. All the work (and time) is upfront, and apart from small maintenance tasks like replacing sprinkler nozzles, the ongoing effort is minimal.

Easy care plantings

Opting for more resistant and hardy plants and shrubs will benefit those not blessed with a green thumb. A vast range of examples are available at any good garden store and nursery – simply follow the instructions for the best location and soil/compost for planting.

Planting out flower beds with low shrubs and creepers not only looks appealing visually, but it has the advantage of blocking out the growth of weeds.

Trees and taller shrubs

Perhaps the most common problem with an under-maintained garden area is with trees becoming overgrown and/or shedding leaves. Over time, tree limbs may overhang roofs and gutters or obstruct powerlines.

Enlist the help of an expert tree care service who can lop and prune trees to ensure the best visual appeal and continued tree growth. A one-off job can save years of maintenance and stress.

When planting new trees and tall shrubs, think about the size of the mature plant, proximity to buildings, patios, and pools.

Fences and trellis

Having established the ‘living’ parts of the outdoor area, spend some time assessing the condition of fences and trellis. It is surprising how a simple coat of paint on fences can lift the visual appeal of the garden area.


By following a few simple steps, a stunning easy-care outdoor area is well within reach of the average gardener. Not only will it lift the visual appeal of the home, but it makes for greater enjoyment for the homeowner and can greatly increase property value.