Every space, whether for living or working, has at least one or two windows or glass doors. That means it is susceptible to exterior elements like sunlight, weather, and climate factors. To protect yourself from the glaring sun and give yourself some privacy, you can install shades, shutters, or blinds. Blinds are the most popular option among people for its variety, efficiency, and easy installation.

There is a wide range of blinds, each with its own style and material, to cater to all kinds of spaces. If you’re feeling lost in the world of blinds, here is a quick look at the different types of window blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds get their name due to their vertical slats made usually from vinyl that hangs from a track. They can be either opened side to side or by a mid-parting. Vertical blinds are commonly used in offices but can also be used in homes and apartments. They are also mostly used with floor to ceiling windows or glass doors. The best thing about vertical blinds is that they are easy to install and are very efficient in blocking light and maintaining privacy.

Venetian Blinds

You’d think these blinds get their name due to them being from Venice, but they are, in fact, from Persia and were brought to us in the 18th century. They are made of horizontal slats stacked together and connected by cords or strips of fabric. The cords are used to rotate and adjust the slats, but they can be quite dangerous if there are children in the house, so there are cordless versions as well. These blinds are the most popular types in homes and other spaces, and they also come in a mini version that is more affordable. The material used in Venetian blinds is often wood, metal, or plastic.

Panel Blinds

This type is a mixture of shades and blinds with wide cloth slats hanging from a track. However, they are different from vertical blinds in how their slats can be moved in either direction as well as split from the middle while vertical blinds move only in one direction. It’s also different in how it has a few large clothed slats instead of many thin ones. These are also popular with large windows or patio doors.

The best thing about this type is that it’s easily cleaned, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Roller Blinds

If you don’t like blinds with slats that rotate, then roller blinds are the right type for you with its mechanism that rolls up and down. They are usually attached by a pole to the window frame with a string at the bottom that allows you to adjust them. They come in an energy-efficient material or waterproof to withstand any outside elements. The greatest thing is that when you shop for blinds online, you’ll see how roller blinds have a wide range of designs. You can find everything from the classic, traditional styles to the latest modern designs and in multiple colors to suit your space.

Smart Blinds

This type is perfect for all those tech enthusiasts out there who want to take their home technology to the next level. Smart blinds have little motors that allow you to adjust them with the touch of a button. You can even control them using an app on your phone or by voice command. They can be connected to Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. It doesn’t stop there, you can also program them to be automatically adjusted according to certain times of the day or the amount of light they are exposed to from the outside! These blinds would go great in modern spaces like companies or in smart houses.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are a completely different story when it comes to the material because they are exposed to outer natural elements. They are usually used for patios and decks to protect from sunlight, rain, and heat. That’s why they are made from sturdy, durable material like wood grain or reed that can withstand different weather conditions. Their slats are closely put together to protect sitting areas from the sun as well as maintain privacy from neighbors and passers-by.

There are many other types of blinds out there like solar blinds, roman blinds, and office blinds. However, these are the most popular types used in both homes and workspaces. If you’re about to purchase a new blind, make sure you do enough research on the type most suitable for the space you have material-wise and aesthetic-wise too. Blinds can completely change the way a room looks, so choose wisely.