A lot of factors come into play when designing the interior space of a home. Home design is not limited to pieces of exotic furniture and breath-taking wall arts that are used in each room, it envelopes the colour scheme of your walls, ceilings, floorings, and many more.

Speaking of floorings, this is an important aspect of home design most people overlook.

Flooring is an important aspect that is worth looking into. There are endless possibilities you can achieve with a floor type, be it stone, marble, vinyl, tiles, or wood.

The home is one of the integral elements that make up an individual’s life. It’s one of the basic needs of life, the rest being food and clothing. After the day’s work, you need shelter to lay your head. A home provides a space to unwind and bond with loved ones. Hence, this space is well-designed and well-decorated to improve one’s living conditions. Flooring is one of the elements that give your home a distinct look. The type and design of flooring you use to speak of the style and elegance of your home.

One of the best materials to use for flooring is timber. You can breathe new life into your worn-out or unfurnished floors through the use of sanding and refinishing wooden flooring. Timber flooring offers rigidity and texture while retaining a shiny look – thanks to its properties and the protective coating applied to it.

Types Of Timber Flooring

In terms of flooring options, timber flooring provides a wide range of wood species and properties that provide individual look and feel.

These species are used in applications ranging from solid wood flooring to engineered flooring. Depending on your application, you may need specific species of timber in flooring your apartment. Here are some types of timber flooring:


The Australian chestnut is found in the southeast region of Australia. In terms of colour, this hardwood produces warm, but bright colours that range from mellow brown to light chocolate brown. Due to these features, you can achieve an outstanding colour tone with your chestnut wood flooring. What makes it one of the most sought-after woods is it’s worm marks and deep gum vein appearance, which gives it a natural look.

European Oak:

If you are looking for a timber flooring that produces a timeless look, then European Oak is the go-to flooring material. This flooring gives your room a classic, elegant look. Taking a closer look at this wood, it spots a straight grain pattern and creamy tones with a texture that is uneven and slightly coarse.


Brushbox is one of the best timber flooring options in terms of colour, design, and quality. It features vivid brown colours with pink hints and an interlocking design consisting of wavy grain patterns. For quality, this Australian hardwood is free of gum veins and termite-resistant.


The Bluegum is another hardwood that gives your room a classic look. It has an interlocked grain pattern with light yellowish-brown highlights. Its flooring design provides your home with a natural look.

Tasmanian Oak:

Also known as the Australian oak or Vic ash, the Tasmanian oak is a straight, uniformly even grain type of hardwood located in Tasmania.

Homeowners with needs for parquet wood flooring will find the Tasmanian oak worth the buy, as it has a dominant blonde colour with a colour mix of cream, pale pink, and reddish-brown.

Timber Flooring Company

Flooring companies like Timber Flooring Melbourne provide top-quality flooring products and services for all types of wood flooring.

Additionally, they also offer a warranty on their wood products and services. Depending on the type of wood floor finish you want, they can provide you with unique flooring design and installation at affordable rates. There are specially trained and experienced installers that will give your home a high-quality finish – all thanks to their high-end wood products and exceptional skills.

Timber Flooring Benefits

Timber flooring provides a wide range of benefits to homeowners. If you are contemplating whether to go for wood flooring or other alternatives, here are some benefits that will help you make the right decision. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of timber flooring that makes it a great choice.

Easy Cleaning Property

One amazing feature of hardwood floors is their inability to accumulate much dirt, dust, or debris. For this reason, you can easily sweep and mop them once a while. However, spills of all kinds must be mopped quickly to prevent damage to the wood.

Straightforward Installation

One of the easiest and most direct flooring to install is timber flooring. Even homeowners with little experience will find this type of installation easy to understand – thanks to its straightforward tongue and groove board design.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A well-designed timber flooring with natural colour and grain texture produces one of the best aesthetics. It gives your home a beautiful look and ambience that speaks of nothing but elegance.

Enhanced Value Of Your Property

Timber flooring can make your home appreciate in value, especially when it is properly installed and well taken care of. It creates a strong appeal for buyers and home agents, leaving your house on the market for a very short period.

Strength And Durability

Amongst other types of flooring, timber hardwood floor panels are strong and durable. As a result of these characteristics, they last longer than most floorings out there, even in areas with heavy foot movements.

The Age Gracefully

Flooring materials like carpets, rugs, and the likes, tend to deteriorate over the years. On the other hand, timber flooring looks better as they age, leaving your house in a timeless state.

Multiple Options

One attractive feature of hardwood flooring is that they come in various grain textures, colour schemes, patterns, and designs. You can also customise the wood finish to suit your taste and interior design.

Improved Air Quality

Due to the natural properties of timber, it can enhance the quality of air within your home when used for flooring. In terms of properties, timber flooring has no fibres, grout lines, or embossing. For this reason, it can’t retain allergens, dust, pollen, and other particles the way other materials do.

Enhanced Natural Acoustic

One of the best flooring with improved acoustic features is the timber hardwood flooring. With this type of flooring, there is less need to worry about hollow sounds or vibrations. Your wooden floor produces an improved natural sound that makes it very comfortable to walk on.