Mayhem 10 is a game that has the character Amara who is the only playable Siren in Borderlands 3. She is able to live up to the Siren’s frightening reputation with her ability of having spectacular and explosive powers. She is immortal no matter what is thrown to her. By just combining good build options for her, you can have access to something mythical that can easily fulfill its duty without even being scared of death. Let’s know more about Amara Build and allow you to make your experience rich.

Overview of Amara Build

The build helps Amara to be focused and determined. It allows her to easily face the enemies and turn them into fine powder by simply prioritizing her skills. You can go for three things for sure if you have her three skill trees. Throughout a fight, you can maintain consistent high damage with the help of Mystical Assault. The Witch Bolt 5e further focuses on Fist of the Elements that is all about elemental damage and status effect. This feature allows huge crowd control and at the same time elemental strength. The last skill tree is the brawl that hit things really hard thus granting close range prowess and very high melee damage.

Things That Build Up Amara

  • Shield

It is the utmost feature of this build and it is true to say that it acts as a heart for Amara. Recently, new feature was introduced that you activate the effect on the shield whenever you are using the action skill, for example if you use Stop Gas, you can likewise experience invulnerability for 5 seconds.

  • Red Tree

It is a magic tree that has always proved beneficial for Amara. It has a self-healing ability that is derived from damaging the enemy but it now practically makes you immortal.

  • Blue Tree

The tree allows your gun damage to be better and in order to have it all you need to do is shoot out two action skills before cooldown, hence, making use of capstone.

  • Weapons

After phasecasting, there is 250% weapon damage and you should be considering the fact that it is one of the best anointments in the game. Shotgun is the best for this build after examining the layout of this game as you always wish to be in melee range.

  • Grenade

You can easily have access to whatever grenade type you wish for since whatever type you use; grenade damage is busted right away.

  • Class Mod

There are many mods available for the build but personally, Phasezerker is best for Amara for most of the situations and likewise have crit damage on Atlas weapons.

  • Artifact

The Pearl is the suitable and preferable recommendation. It is true to say that it has a lot of damage but in the end, it is all worth it.

Indeed, the 5e Frightened focuses on Action Skill and of course, single skill tree. Well, the Borderlands 3 Amara Build has been explained to you so hurry up and head towards the immortal Amara Build.