Water is our life. Oxygen too, but water feeds the soul. It can give hope in times of strain, cleanse you of unwanted memories and wash over you as you emerge out the other side a new person.  A simple drop, yet so powerful.

And all around the world, it is being taken for granted. Wasted. 

We need to preserve it, treat it for being beneficial to our lives and ensure it lasts for our children’s children and then some. Water https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water is more in-depth and complex than we give it credit for, it unites and divides us as a nation, a country and globally.

Making water safe.

Contaminated water can have serious consequences, detrimental effects, and deathly outcomes. A simple sip is all it takes for a bacteria or parasite to manifest within you and you’re in a hospital bed. But why let it get to that? Take action now. Prevention is better than cure as my granny always used to say.

Taking the time to do some research on how best to protect your home and family a small effort to put in is compared to the outcomes of not doing so. Installing a water filter system to purify the flow of water through your home is security you should not take lightly.

A system that is simple to install, quick to set up and runs without you having to think about it will make life that is already so busy and full, a lot better to handle. I dread to think if one of my kids just wanted a drink of water from the tap and unknowingly swallowed a tick. I don’t have time to stress about that, having a system in place puts my mind at ease.

When it comes to choosing the system that works within your family’s lifestyle you want to look at something low maintenance, cost worthy to have put in and provides the best quality of water.

If these features sound like what you’re looking for, then you need to take a look at AquaOx Water Filters, top quality service, and products with customer satisfaction you deserve. Having many years of experience under their belt, you can be safe in knowing you are in good hands.

How does Sulphur get in the water 

How does Sulphur get in the water?

Well, sulfates which is a form of Sulphur, are absorbed into the water through the earth. When it rains, the water seeps into the ground and dissolves the sulfide and other minerals and these then all run into your water source, or well, if you have one. 

Yes, Sulphur is a natural mineral, but when combined with water is not always the best co-existence. Too much Sulphur and you start to recognize a funny taste in your drinking water, or a slight egg-salad smell when you open the tap, not to mention the damage you can’t see of eroding pipes and scale build-up.

Stains in sinks and toilets and even to clothes are caused by the slime that the bacteria produces, it clogs and builds up and with pipework, you may not notice it till it’s too late. But don’t panic you are not alone in this, read this article and listen to others’ stories, how they handled it and what worked for them, all in the same boat.

Filtering your water will keep you healthy and prevent any complications from ingesting Sulphur and bacteria waste, and stop you from running a marathon to and from the toilet with diarrhea and dehydration.

4 Benefits of a whole house water filtration system.


  • Safer drinking. Even though your water source may come from a treatment plant it still contains some contaminants like chlorine and lead, the only way to be sure is to have a filtration system installed.
  • Bath & shower. Just because we aren’t drinking it doesn’t mean that our skin isn’t absorbing these trace contaminants, it can cause dry flaky skin and irritations.
  • Plumbing. The buildup and corrosion are that much less with clean water, pipes last longer and plumbing costs drop.
  • Environment. By not buying bottled water all the time, no need to worry about plastic pollution from your side.


A safer place to live and raise our families is as simple as installing a filtration system, why wait, give them the clean water they deserve.