Locksmiths do more than just duplicate a key and fix a broken lock. They provide several services and help us during emergencies like locking ourselves out of our house. Locksmiths are not only limited to provide residential services. When you look for a locksmith in Dublin from a professional locksmith company, you can usually get three types of locksmith, residential locksmith, automotive locksmith, and commercial locksmith. Each type of locksmith has different areas of expertise and is adept in solving all kinds of lock and key problems in that particular field. 

Commercial Locksmith

Locks used in commercial buildings and property vary from business to business. They are not always similar to the locks that are installed in a house and thus need a commercial locksmith’s help. Commercial buildings are prone to burglary if the locks are standard in their quality as thieves can easily pick these locks and steal valuable items as well as confidential data from your property. A locksmith Grove City company can give you a lot of options for high security locks that you can install in your company’s building. The locks of any building and its room play a vital role in asserting safety of your property, your assets, as well as your employees. Here are some other services that a commercial locksmith provides:

  • You can set up a master key that can open all the doors to your building.
  • You can unlock safes and vaults of which you have forgotten the combinations. An experienced commercial locksmith will be able to get the contents of your safe out with no damage to the exterior of the safe.
  • You can install deadbolts and rim-cylinder locks to rooms that need higher security.

Residential Locksmith

When you are locked out of your home or you want to change your locks because you lost your keys and you fear about your home’s security, you can call a residential locksmith Grove City for help. You can find many residential locksmiths that give 24 hours emergency services. Emergency services usually include lock picking and lock replacing.

Other than solving emergency problems, residential locksmiths can also advise you on the type of locks that you should get for your doors and windows. They can install advanced security solutions into your home to prevent theft. Residential locksmiths can also open safes and vaults if you have forgotten the code, without doing any damage to the safe or the contents that you had kept inside it. 

Automotive Locksmith

Automotive locksmiths can help you when you have accidentally left the keys of your car inside the car and now you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. A professional locksmith Dublin can easily pick your car lock and retrieve your keys. These are some of the services that an automotive locksmith will provide you:

  • You can ditch the original locks and make the locksmith install high security locks in your car.
  • If your keys accidentally break off at ignition, an automotive locksmith can help you extract the key as well as repair the ignition of your car.
  • You can duplicate your car keys if you need an extra set of keys for your driver or your partner.

Professional locksmiths offer you fast services at affordable rates. However, you must be cautious while hiring a locksmith in Grove City and do enough research about the company that you plan to settle with. Choosing a random locksmith or a locksmith company that provides service at extremely low rates might not be a good idea and can put the safety of your house, car or property in jeopardy.