There comes a time when every homeowner can’t reach their regular repairman, and in despair, they try to do things alone. They sometimes succeed but sometimes things can end in catastrophe. Therefore, it’s crucial to know that some home repairs you cannot do by yourself, so in order to keep you safe, here’s the list of things you shouldn’t try doing at home:

Fixing the pipes

It might seem like an easy job, but if you’re not experienced in fixing pipes, it’s better not to start when you have an emergency at your home. Pipes can be complex to learn, and unless you don’t know what the issue is, it’s better to leave them to a professional plumber. This is especially important since pipes are close to other things related to plumbing such as a Dishwasher, or a laundry machine. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, many things can go wrong.

Removing the walls

For some, removing walls might seem easy: you just tear down a wall with a sledgehammer, and that’s it. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, because, in order to do it successfully, you need to have a floor plan, and sometimes, if you don’t do it right, you can cause the ceiling to cave in, due to load-bearing damage. Therefore, before you decide to remove the walls, it’s always advisable to get a contractor who can verify that everything’s fine

Electrical repairs

When it comes to electrical repairs, it’s always better to leave this type of work to a professional. This is especially important in countries like Australia, where many homes have old electrical installations, so if you’re looking to fix anything, it’s better to hire an expert Brisbane electrician who can provide you with any solution that you might need for your home. So, in the case of electrical malfunctioning, it’s always recommended hiring a professional, just to be safe.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos used to be one of the most popular insulators, which is no surprise since it’s resistant to heat, but it’s also very toxic and therefore, it has been banned in many countries. If your home has traces of asbestos, you should always hire a professional asbestos removal team, who can safely remove it from your home. Besides, DIY asbestos removal is illegal in many places, so you should never do it by yourself.

Gas repairs

Many homes have appliances that run on gas, such as an oven, stove or a water heater. You should know that DIY fixing anything gas-related can cause serious accidents such as a gas leak. Even though a gas leak won’t do the same damage as a water leak, it can still cause a fire hazard or a carbon monoxide poisoning, so if you’re not skilled, make sure to hire a professional handyman who can fix it for you.

Basement renovations

Whether you decide to stud out the basement walls or dig out your basement to make it lower, you should know that if you do it improperly, it can cause you to get injured, or killed. You may be tempted to save money by doing everything by yourself, but remember that in order to renovate the basement, you need to have extensive knowledge about your home structure.

Roof repairs

Some people tend to fix minor roof repairs by themselves, as they often seem simple, such as replacing shingles, but if you don’t know how to do it, you can cause more damage. Besides, in order to fix some roof issues, you need expensive tools so it’s always recommended calling a handyman, instead of trying to fix things by yourself.

Summing up

In conclusion, even if you’re trying to save some time and money, it’s always better to hire a professional than to risk injuries or further home damages, by trying DIY solutions. If you’re into home repair, you can deal with minor inconveniences but you should always leave the serious work to experts.